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Bested By the Fish May 22, 2009

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Things are clipping right along in the tank, dontcha think?  Maybe not.  The coral beauty has developed a taste for, well, my corals.  In keeping a reef tank, fish really are secondary.  The bulk of the money and the fascination are in the corals and critters.  This all equaled a decision that the coral beauty has got to go. 😦  


So blue, so innocent--don't be fooled!

So blue, so innocent--don't be fooled!

Two of Mama’s fishy friends came over yesterday evening.  One willing to give the coral beauty a good home, the other willing to catch her.  “Don’t worry, twenty minutes.”  

Yeah.  Not exactly.  It appeared that it would be easy enough.  Unlike many other “reefers,” Mama doesn’t care for the wall o’rock look, so there’s only about 50 lbs of live rock in the display tank.  Plenty of room for swimming and interesting rock structures.  Mama designed her “rockscape” keeping the comfort and happiness of the critters in mind.  Plenty of dart holes, hiding places, pass-throughs.  Getting a feel for problem #1?

Now comes problem #2. Gloria.  Remember Gloria, the glorious yellow tang?


Observe carefully

Observe carefully

See that thin little white line towards the back of her?  There’s one on either side, and it’s because of those pretty little dashes that these fish are sometimes known as scalpel fish.  Those little lines are her defense, and are literally as sharp and dangerous as scalpels.  Shouldn’t be an issue, we’re not interested in Gloria.  Wrong again.  Gloria didn’t care for the nets invading her territory.  By the time we were twenty minutes into this, there were three nets trying to corral and catch the coral beauty.  Fishy friend conducting this capture is a professional violinist.  Keeping hands in perfect working order = an absolute must.  It quickly became more about evading the tang than capturing the coral beauty.  


Reef tanks are very sensitive.  Corals can begin chemical warfare, melt away, and crash the whole tank if you stick your hands into the tank without washing them first.  Mama kept imagining fresh blood marbling through the water, running through all products and remedies she’s heard of wondering if there’s a reef-safe “antidote” to human blood. 


Guess who’s still in Mama’s tank this morning? 😛


Not to mention the tank is now a “mess,” coral frags knocked over in the melee, and all critters looking quite annoyed this morning.  Reefing can be fun, beautiful, and peaceful, but I think I’ll wait until they all calm down before sticking my hands back into the tank to fix things up. 😀


How many grown ups does it take to catch a fish?  I don’t know.  We had three, and it wasn’t enough. 


Happy, happy Friday Night Madness everyone–enjoy the holiday weekend!

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Finally April 24, 2009

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A beautiful day, and it’s Friday!  🙂  The sun is out, and I think it’s in the seventies.  The dog even spent some time on the terrace this morning.  


Friday Night Madness has been downgraded, due to the economy. 😦  Instead of going to the local diner/coffee shop for dinner, we’re going to the local chain “bakery” for tea.  Aaah, nothing but the finest in half raw coffee cake and rubbery croissants.  We’re sticking to the Lipton, thanks.  If you avoid the pastries and ignore the gluey film on the tables, it is quite entertaining on Friday nights.  By day, it’s filled with nannies and strollers. At night though, a special treat. Young tourists who didn’t realize how quickly their money would run out here in NY, scratching at sores left behind from bugbed filled mattresses at the area “hostels.”    And let’s not forget the homeless who come to spend the night.  Oooo, yeah, Mama is living large.  😀


So, I was sitting on my couch staring into my tank doing some writing, when an unfamiliar movement in the tank caught my attention.  Yikes!  Another hitchhiker.  I only saw part of it come out of a rock, but I’m pretty sure it’s a mantis shrimp.  Tiny right now, but bad.  They’re affectionately called thumb splitters, and some people keep them because they can be beautiful and interesting.  In their own species only tank.  Blech.  I haven’t even gotten rid of the aiptasia yet.  Luckily, I think it will be a while before he’s big enough to do any damage to any of my livestock.  


Happy Friday, everyone!


At Least the Promise is Here February 27, 2009

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Spring.  It’s getting close, I can feel it.  I don’t think winter is quite finished with NY yet, but soon.  I love the first days of spring.  Not because of the budding trees, flowers, etc, but just because I hate the winter, and spring means it’s almost summer.  Yanno when you have those conversations with people, and everyone who lives in a 4-season climate winds up agreeing they would miss the seasons?  Not me.  I would happily give up winter, fall, and spring to live somewhere it’s summer year round.  Give me the sun, warmth, the beach, and internet access, I’m done.  


I’m feeling better this afternoon, thanks all!  Life is what it is, and we have to just keep moving forward.  Besides, Papa brought home dill pickle flavored potato chips for me last night, how can I wallow? 😉

Got the lab results on the girl’s bloodwork, all is good.  🙂  The middle guy has to work on an essay to bring with him to the simulated school day, about the most important thing he does each day.  A thought provoking question, I would be hard pressed to come up with one answer, how about you?


I didn’t write yesterday, but realized I don’t have to beat myself up about it, there’s still the rest of today and the weekend.  5 days a week does not have to mean Mon-Fri.  Thankfully, because I was never meant to be a 9-5er.  


The skunk cleaner shrimp molted again last night–I’ll have to look that up, I don’t think she should molt so frequently.  And yes, I said she, because today I saw she’s carrying eggs.  I’m sure they’ll wind up to be a tasty snack for the fishies. 😛  Neither of the two cleaner shrimp have actually cleaned any fish yet, but the fire shrimp actually took a ride on the tang yesterday evening.  I’m not sure Gloria (the glorious yellow tang) was  happy, but Sadie the fire shrimp had a grand time. 😀  


Best of all?  It’s almost Friday Night Madness! 🙂  


Happy Friday, everyone! 

Thanks for reading,



Friday, yippee!!! February 20, 2009

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It’s that time again, almost Friday Night Madness.  🙂


I’m not feeling especially reflective this evening.  No deep thoughts or burning questions that must be asked. 😉  


Yesterday afternoon/evening a plastic box fell off of the girl’s dresser, hit her in the head leaving a cut and bump, but NO szs resulted!  Whee!!!  


It’s been a long week, but the first time in a long time, I’m not meaning that in a negative way.  The girl’s been reasonably good, blood draw accomplished with no trauma, and playdates galore.  Somewhere in this weekend I will get laundry done, and the grocery store…productive isn’t glamorous, now is it?


But for tonight, I’ll get to spend a little time with a good friend, laugh, eat my veggie burger just the way I like it, and enjoy our favorite waitress, the Albanian queen who calls me cousin. 🙂 


Happy Friday, everyone,