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Summertime, and the Living is…well, easier, anyway June 30, 2009

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Happy Summer, all! 🙂  


The last week of school was crazy hectic, as always.  The last day was emotional.  The middle guy said goodbye to his friends and teachers, and I said my goodbyes to the school, also.  He was a student there for six years, so yeah, even trusting this is a good, positive decision, there was a tug. 😛  


The girl is beat.  This was a long, long year for her.  Mama’s prescription for the summer: reading (so she doesn’t completely lose what she’s worked so hard for), rest, and ice cream. 😀


One night last week Mama had the opportunity to go and visit some very impressive reef tanks.  The largest tank is 240 gallons, and the other two aren’t far behind.  Breathtaking.  


No rest yet, though.  Saturday, Mama’s sister in law was in town for a visit, had brunch with her and the kids.  Then long-time friends of ours from Atlanta (also in town visiting) came over.  Not restful, but beautiful.  These are friends we used to see regularly, but they don’t get to NY very often anymore, and I miss them.  It was lovely, he’s a singer/musician, and played on middle guy’s guitar for a while, including playing a new song of his own that just made me wish I could hold that moment forever. They came with their oldest child (26!), and their youngest (17!).  


Sunday all the excitement was tank-centered. My big guy had gone out last week, brought me home a frag 🙂 a peppermint shrimp, and an emerald crab.  The crab is to eat the bubble algae hiding in one of my little colonies.  Cute, no problem–for now. Crabs are opportunistic feeders, and can be iffy when they get large enough.  The peppermint shrimp was to eat the blasted aiptasia, which came back bigger and stronger than ever.  I have the superman of pest anemones.  Great! Umm, not so much.  Nemo didn’t like the peppermint shrimp, and proceeded to hunt it and chase it for the next thirty hours.  Sunday morning found the peppermint shrimp on the floor in front of the tank.  Crunchy.  Taps, anyone? 


I guess the chase was pretty intense that night, because several pieces had been knocked over, including my candy cane frag.  That piece was one of my first frags, and I happen to be very attached to it.  😦  It had landed with one head on one of the ricordias.  Ricordias are lovely, come in all kinds of colors, look like a cross between an exotic flower and mushroom.  They also have a very powerful sting.  Needless to say, that head of the candy cane was hurt.  So, Mama straightens everything up in the tank, water change, etc.  Look up to see the coral beauty taking BITES out of the candy cane.  Yes, bites.  Not nipping, but biting off pieces of flesh and eating them.  Grrrr.  


Now half of the crown of that head is gone, skeleton exposed. 😦  😦  I do think the coral beauty only ate the flesh that was badly damaged, and the head–or what’s left of it–did manage  to eat a pellet yesterday.  🙂  Hoping for the best. 


Today will be a work day.  More laundry–loads to catch up on (pun intended), dishes from last night, cleaning, and a play date coming over.  Why was Mama so looking forward to summer?  Because it’s warm, and there is SUN this morning, and no school nurse phone calls.  🙂 😀


Summer is Mama’s time.  I get to enjoy time with the kids, and have some of the warmth and sun I so desperately need.


Dirty Words June 24, 2009

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Hi Everyone. 🙂  

We’ve all been sick here in Mama’s world, even Mama. :0  We’re all finally feeling well again, and hopefully it will stay that way. 


Once upon a time, Mama had no qualms about using profanity in her writing.  Didn’t even think about it.  If it worked for the character/setting/situation, those words–from George Carlin’s list and others–flowed along with the rest of ’em.  


Joining online forums (not writing related) changed that.  Mama had to think about those words that might be offensive–not to mention blocked. 😉


Once upon a time, Mama had a strong “sense of self,” to use probably-outdated psychobabble.  The past several years of multiple medical crises and ongoing financial struggles have taken care of that.  Always one to question, the questions have become murkier, right along with that previous self. 


I’ve been thinking about these two issues; how they seem to have merged in my writing self, so the words I’m coming up with are mucky, with a thick layer of dust clinging.  In my mind I see the words looking like words used to when typed on an old typewriter with a new ribbon; letters just noticeably blurred and bleeding at the edges.  Introspective writing can only be good if it takes the writer and the reader somewhere farther along.  


Sometimes I think this is ok, ultimately this will all add something to my writing.  Right now, though, I would love to recapture the flow and feel of words coming through my keyboard clean and sharp–profane or not. 


The tank is doing well, my little reef is growing. 🙂  The coral beauty was sufficiently traumatized by our attempt to capture her so that she hasn’t been nipping at the corals. 🙂  


Only a few more days before it is finally, blissfully, officially SUMMER VACATION!!!!!