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Bested By the Fish May 22, 2009

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Things are clipping right along in the tank, dontcha think?  Maybe not.  The coral beauty has developed a taste for, well, my corals.  In keeping a reef tank, fish really are secondary.  The bulk of the money and the fascination are in the corals and critters.  This all equaled a decision that the coral beauty has got to go. 😦  


So blue, so innocent--don't be fooled!

So blue, so innocent--don't be fooled!

Two of Mama’s fishy friends came over yesterday evening.  One willing to give the coral beauty a good home, the other willing to catch her.  “Don’t worry, twenty minutes.”  

Yeah.  Not exactly.  It appeared that it would be easy enough.  Unlike many other “reefers,” Mama doesn’t care for the wall o’rock look, so there’s only about 50 lbs of live rock in the display tank.  Plenty of room for swimming and interesting rock structures.  Mama designed her “rockscape” keeping the comfort and happiness of the critters in mind.  Plenty of dart holes, hiding places, pass-throughs.  Getting a feel for problem #1?

Now comes problem #2. Gloria.  Remember Gloria, the glorious yellow tang?


Observe carefully

Observe carefully

See that thin little white line towards the back of her?  There’s one on either side, and it’s because of those pretty little dashes that these fish are sometimes known as scalpel fish.  Those little lines are her defense, and are literally as sharp and dangerous as scalpels.  Shouldn’t be an issue, we’re not interested in Gloria.  Wrong again.  Gloria didn’t care for the nets invading her territory.  By the time we were twenty minutes into this, there were three nets trying to corral and catch the coral beauty.  Fishy friend conducting this capture is a professional violinist.  Keeping hands in perfect working order = an absolute must.  It quickly became more about evading the tang than capturing the coral beauty.  


Reef tanks are very sensitive.  Corals can begin chemical warfare, melt away, and crash the whole tank if you stick your hands into the tank without washing them first.  Mama kept imagining fresh blood marbling through the water, running through all products and remedies she’s heard of wondering if there’s a reef-safe “antidote” to human blood. 


Guess who’s still in Mama’s tank this morning? 😛


Not to mention the tank is now a “mess,” coral frags knocked over in the melee, and all critters looking quite annoyed this morning.  Reefing can be fun, beautiful, and peaceful, but I think I’ll wait until they all calm down before sticking my hands back into the tank to fix things up. 😀


How many grown ups does it take to catch a fish?  I don’t know.  We had three, and it wasn’t enough. 


Happy, happy Friday Night Madness everyone–enjoy the holiday weekend!

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6 Responses to “Bested By the Fish”

  1. cmscribbles Says:

    Thank you for this fun post! I’m sure I found more humor in reading about your adventure than the three of you did experiencing it.

    Although, visualizing it, I might have had trouble keeping a serious focus and straight face on if I were there with you trying to out maneuver speedy blue while avoiding the attack from yellow tang.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend Mama!

  2. I have to admit, it was pretty humorous even while it was going on. 🙂 Gotta laugh… 😛

  3. CasaDe Says:

    Hmmmm…wonder if this is one of those things a kid could do better?

    What a crazy, funny story! Fish 1, Humans 0.

    So when is Round 2? Maybe you can video it and put it on YouTube for us! 🙂

  4. Susan Says:

    OMG COMEDY!! If fish could laugh without choking, I know they were giggling this morning. I really enjoyed reading this and I heard Mozart’s “Flight of the Bumble Bee” Playing in the background as you guys struggled to snare Gloria (maybe due you mentioning the violin?)
    LOL Casa!! IT should have been video taped! 😛
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. CasaDe, LOL–Middle guy keeps telling me he’s certain he could do it faster and easier–if there weren’t creatures in there that could harm him, I’d let him try. Not sure when we’ll try for round 2, Mama needs to recover from that episode also 😉

    Susan–Forget giggling, I swear the coral beauty has been giving me raspberries 🙂

    Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

  6. cmscribbles Says:

    Did you catch the fish yet? I’ve been watching for an update 🙂

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