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Serenity, Now! May 14, 2009

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Mama is doing what she can to center herself for today’s meeting.  A friend offered to meet me for coffee afterwards.  This is a friend who doesn’t know the full extent/live the nitty gritty details of having a child who isn’t neurotypical, but I’m glad for the support, and am taking her up on the offer. 


In trying to prepare myself, I actually dug through all my junk looking for makeup.  Now, Mama isn’t a a makeup wearing gal.  I think the last time I bought any was 6 years ago, and when we moved into this place in the fall I threw away the bulk of it–some of those tubes of lipstick were older than my oldest child. 😛  So this morning I found an old mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss in a forgotten handbag;  broke out the coconut oil and did my best to tame my hair.  Does any of it matter?  Not really.  But there’s something about the ritual, a feeling of putting on armor.  Probably why I don’t generally bother with any of it.  😉  


Of course, it’s raining now, so Mama’s hair will be its usual 4 foot circumference of frizz by the time I get to the meeting.  Wonder how many years waterproof mascara retains its waterproofing? 



Torch Coral, Coral Beauty Angel (She Who Has No Name), and Giddy, the cleaner shrimp

Torch Coral, Coral Beauty Angel (She Who Has No Name), and Giddy, the cleaner shrimp


Mystery hitchhiker coral and edge of blue mushroom

Mystery hitchhiker coral and edge of blue mushroom


5 Responses to “Serenity, Now!”

  1. Philly Mom Says:

    So glad you are going to meet that friend for coffee afterwards! 🙂

    I was LOL’ing about the OLD make-up. We are opposites in this area, my friend! I’m terrified about the old mascara, but I think it’s adorable you put some make-up on today….yes, it is a mask of sorts (probably why I *always* bother with it)…

    Rain doesn’t mix well with my secretly curly hair, either! I hear ya!

    Just thinking of you lots today and hoping very badly it goes well. If not (or if so!), I’ll be around tomorrow to talk. ❤

  2. susan Nagy Says:

    Im am also glad you have some support afterwards. I wish I could be there. Im so jacked up on roids right now (asthma) I wouldn’t be much help 😉
    LOL for trying to put your best face on 😉 I have such STRAIGHT hair, I use a straightener to make it super smooth. I wouldn’t even attempt it in this humitidy.
    I am facinated by the photos. I guess with so much going on in the tank, the excitement never ends!
    I will be looking for updates

  3. Barbara Says:

    Well, you look like a big poof ball, I look like a drowned rat in the rain! ; ) : P

    I can’t meet you for coffee, but I will be there in spirit for you. So glad “middle guy” was accepted. Ouch, I can feel his angst.

    Looking at others replies and wondering if my colon and capital P will come out like a cute winky guy, or if it will just look like the plain dorky colon and p that it is? LOL!

    hugs and some sunshine for ya!

  4. (((((((Thank you))))))) all. 🙂

    Barbara- I think the key to making these symbols come out as symbols is to not use spaces btw the colon, parenthesis, p’s, etc. Then again, sometimes they just don’t come out and I’m not sure why.

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