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Busy Busy Busy May 13, 2009

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Tank Pics!

All my prettys

All my prettys

Clam--wild, huh?

Clam--wild, huh?


Plate coral and 6-line wrasse

Plate coral and 6-line wrasse


Sadie the Fire Shrimp

Sadie the Fire Shrimp


Clowns Protecting their Special Place from Yellow Tang

Clowns Protecting their Special Place from Yellow Tang


Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ

All right, One full tank shot

All right, One full tank shot

More crazy days here.  Chaperoning the girl’s all day field trip today, guitar lesson for the middle guy later, then middle guy has a band concert (trumpet) this evening.  Tomorrow (yikes) results from the girls testing, Friday night the big guy’s show–She Stoops to Conquer.  Whew!  Mama is ready for summer in every way!


News:  The middle guy was accepted!!!!!!!  He was thrilled for about an hour, and is now stressing about making the decision; should he go? Aargh!  Poor guy, really.  We all know plenty of adults who are afraid of upsetting the status quo, even when it almost certainly means positive changes.  Human nature, fear of the unknown. 😦 


Hope everyone has a good one, Mama is off and running!


6 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. susan Nagy Says:

    WOOO HOOO WTG Middle Guy!!!
    Crazy Days here too! I finished Grad school last nite (well for this sem) Big sigh of relief!
    WOW WOW WOW love the pics! AMAZING! so worth the wait 😉
    I will be thinking about you today as you get the results from the girls tests ((HUGS))
    Summer is SO close!

  2. CasaDe Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Middle Guy!!!

    Thanks for the pics! No wonder you wanted this little glass container of peace! Love the fire shrimp.

    Thinking of you and the Girl today.

  3. Congrats, Susan!!!!! 🙂 Fantastic! Today was crazy run around day, tomorrow (Thurs) are the results from the girl’s tests. Yes, summer is thankfully close.

    Hi CasaDe! Tee hee, the fire shrimp is pretty cool, isn’t she? The only bad part is she hides most of the time.

    Thank you both for the good wishes for middle guy. 🙂

  4. cmscribbles Says:

    New camera mama? The pictures are fantabulous 😀 I can only imagine how great it is looking at all your amazing critters in actual full size 😉 Sadie?! I love it! Do all the critters have a name?

    How was the girl’s field trip? Where’d you go? Somewhere wonderful I hope! Hope you still had enough energy to get middle guy to guitar lesson and to enjoy his band concert. I’m so excited about his Friday night show! Wish I was there to watch 🙂

    Congrats to middle guy–I was just wondering at the front of this week if you’d heard or not yet–thanks for sharing the news with us. What a stress filled process. Praying for him during this next time of decision.

    I’ve been wondering when those test results were being delivered–now I know. Wish I had something brilliant to say for you before you walk in to that appt. that you can recall when you walk out–but the words aren’t rolling off my tongue tonight (too busy here too!). I guess I would just remind you that…YOU know your girl and you see way more than these test results can encapsulate in one sitting and in one summary. The words in black and white on the report can offer insight but don’t let them dictate who your girl is or what she can become ❤ Continue to dream big for and with her!

    –You definitely sound busy, busy, busy–and then some!
    slow down and breathe…glad summer is just around the bend!

  5. Hi Cmscribbles! No, no new camera for me. A friend offered to come by and take pics with his camera, how nice was that? Yes, all the fish and inverts have a name, but the corals don’t. 🙂 It’s part of the fun when we get something new, what shall we name him/her?

    We went birdwatching in Central Park yesterday. It was a nice day, but the birding part would have been better with binoculars. 😛

    Guitar lesson was cancelled, thankfully (teacher is away and staying a bit longer than expected). The kids did a rousing rendition of The Pink Panther–fun. 🙂

    Thank you, thank you for the reminders of keeping these results in perspective, whatever they may be.

    I’m trying to remember to breathe, really I am. ❤

  6. Philly Mom Says:

    Oh congrats to middle guy!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Best wishes to him on his decision–change is difficult (isn’t this a line from Lion King?).

    I love Sadie, too! She is wild looking! I must show my girl!

    Sending peace and strength for today’s results. and hugs!!

    Yes, it is a busy time of year for the kids for sure. Ready for Summer here, too!!

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