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Eyeballs, Check! May 5, 2009

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Whew, I finally did it.  After going to the girl’s classroom for another “author celebration,” I went into the one place in the neighborhood with a $99 special for exam and contacts.  Yippee!  Not only did I get the exam done and contacts ordered, they had a trial pair on hand in my prescription.  I don’t think that ever happened for me before.  So now instead of tipping my head to try and prevent the lens from falling out of my broken eyeglass frames, I’m tipping my head trying to get used to having peripheral vision again–it’s been several years.  🙂


I swear the colors in the tank are popping more now.   😉  Speaking of the tank, Mama has a couple of new additions.  I’ve remained in touch and friendly with the young man I bought the system from, and have been getting to know his girlfriend too.  Both very lovely.  And gf was interested in doggie gumbo, so we’ve been swapping gumbo for critters.  I got a clam!!!!!  She (she because the girl named her Boca) has a beautiful blue and brown pattern on her mantle.  Also some new zoas, and a new SPS frag that has a long scientific name that promptly trickled out of my ears. 🙂 Sorry, still no pics because I can’t get the camera to work. 


And here’s the most exciting tank news, Mama’s clownfish are breeding!  Have I already mentioned that? :0  No, I won’t be raising the fry, but they’re a tasty treat for the other critters.  Mama didn’t actually realize what they were doing until the aforementioned fishy friends were here and clued me in.  In my defense, clowns have some weird behavior patterns, so I thought it was just part of their regular weirdness.  


Both boys are miserable with their allergies now, and the girl is just wishing the school year would hurry up and end.  Me too, darling, me too.


4 Responses to “Eyeballs, Check!”

  1. Susan Says:

    is it wrong of me to be giggling at the image of you and your broken frames and then you trying to put your contacts in? 😛 Do you stick your tongue out when putting your contacts in? hmmm?
    NOW, how do you tease us with all this exciting tank stuff and no pics 😦 Get the camera working!! Ok so I am a bit demanding, but I am an admired of your tank from text and digital media!
    I can relate to allergy stuff and this rain is killing me slowly. Tell the girl less then 35 school days (so my colleagues told me). It can’t come soon enough.

  2. Hey Susan! Stop laughing at Mama! 😉 No, I don’t stick my tongue out when I put my contacts in–but I take the 5th on whether my mouth is open or closed. 😛

    Trust me, I want the camera working even more than you do. 😦 One thing at a time, I guess. Sigh.

    Really? Less than 35 school days left? Wahoo!!!!!! 😀

  3. CasaDe Says:

    We are racing through school as fast as we can here, too.

    Hooray on free food – I mean breeding clownfish. 🙂

    Waiting for pics, but I’ll try to be patient. I see Susan has the bases pretty well covered on that one!

  4. Hi CasaDe! I see we’re all awaiting the arrival of summer. Some of us more anxiously than others. 😉 I think my camera has officially retired, but my fishy friend said he would try to stop by sometime soon and take some pics for me. 🙂

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