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Finally April 24, 2009

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A beautiful day, and it’s Friday!  🙂  The sun is out, and I think it’s in the seventies.  The dog even spent some time on the terrace this morning.  


Friday Night Madness has been downgraded, due to the economy. 😦  Instead of going to the local diner/coffee shop for dinner, we’re going to the local chain “bakery” for tea.  Aaah, nothing but the finest in half raw coffee cake and rubbery croissants.  We’re sticking to the Lipton, thanks.  If you avoid the pastries and ignore the gluey film on the tables, it is quite entertaining on Friday nights.  By day, it’s filled with nannies and strollers. At night though, a special treat. Young tourists who didn’t realize how quickly their money would run out here in NY, scratching at sores left behind from bugbed filled mattresses at the area “hostels.”    And let’s not forget the homeless who come to spend the night.  Oooo, yeah, Mama is living large.  😀


So, I was sitting on my couch staring into my tank doing some writing, when an unfamiliar movement in the tank caught my attention.  Yikes!  Another hitchhiker.  I only saw part of it come out of a rock, but I’m pretty sure it’s a mantis shrimp.  Tiny right now, but bad.  They’re affectionately called thumb splitters, and some people keep them because they can be beautiful and interesting.  In their own species only tank.  Blech.  I haven’t even gotten rid of the aiptasia yet.  Luckily, I think it will be a while before he’s big enough to do any damage to any of my livestock.  


Happy Friday, everyone!


6 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Oh my goodness Momma, where do these pesky little critters you find in your tank come from? It’s not like there is a river emptying into your tank… they just “grow” in the envirnoment on their own? I hope your able to get rid of them before they do damage to the stuff you put into it purposely. I’d say leave ’em and have a “critter” tank, but then you wouldn’t really have the tank you intended now would ya? : )

    Jealous of a toilet, eh? Now do you mean my one good one, or the other ones that don’t get clogged but take about 5 flushes just to get a piece of toilet paper down? LOL!

    I really think you should move to Chicago! I hear our winter weather can be colder, but overall it’s very similar. No ocean, but Lake Michigan sure resembles one. It’s my fave you know! And I’d say the cost of living in the burbs would be a little more affordable. You could shop at the big bulk stores b/c you’d have room to store the stuff and save LOTS of money! No more counting cherrios – tee hee! No more terrace gardening, but you’d have the option of a deck or your own gasp – yard. Oh, I guess it’s just my selfishness coming out wishing you lived close to me, sigh……….

    I hope you had just as much fun with your Friday night madness even if it was at a bakery with squishy pastries! It’s truly the company that counts, and I believe you have a great one there!

    Wishing you another sunny day……… : )

  2. Philly Mom Says:

    Oh bleck to the new Friday Night Madness hangout. I like the diner with the waitress who knows you much better than the sound of these pastries!! Ick.

    Sorry you have another pest hitchhiker! Are we sure the aquarium store isn’t ‘gifting’ you and putting them in with the coral? I think I would bring it back and say you would like to return THIS, that came free with the coral..!

    yay for the dog on the terrace and great weather. 🙂

  3. Susan Says:

    can’t you put a no hitchhiking sign in the tank 😉 Boy, this recession sure does BITE! Now we are reduced to bad pastries? Im sorry mama! IF I EVER win that LOTTO! SOMEDAY yanno? Friday nite madness would be moved to Tavern on the Green or The 21 Club 😉 But it all about the company, right? I am so glad you are enjoying the terrace, or should I say the dog is?
    HEY BARBARA < BACK OFF!! If she moves to any suburbs, ITS LONG ISLAND lol j/k 😛
    I am loving this warm weather, FINALLY!!!
    P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire second paragraph, You just have a knack! 😉

  4. Hi everyone! I’ll respond in more detail after tomorrow. Tomorrow is the girl’s neuropsych eval, and I’m stressing.

    Just one question, how come none of my friends live in a suburb of, say, Hawaii? Group move, everybody?

    Thanks for hanging in with Mama!

  5. cmscribbles Says:

    sorry for the stressing over the neuropsych. appt tomorrow–I would tell you don’t stress but I know it isn’t that easy.

    breathe deeply…and let your girl just be your girl.

    and sorry not Hawaii…but the rest of you all need to back off because today Robert and I were talking about moving Mama to California so she could walk her dog with our soon to arrive new dog 😀

    I completely agree with Susan–mama has a knack 🙂

    thoughts and prayers with you tonight and tomorrow.

  6. CasaDe Says:

    Glad the testing is tomorrow – just think. On Thursday it will be in the past!

    Sorry. No Hawaii here. Go to bed early and dream about it – that’s my vacation plan!

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