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Who Thought it was a Good Idea to Raise April 19, 2009

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independent thinkers? 😛


Oh yeah, that would be me.  What am I doing now?  Teaching the girl to sew, which would be great, if I knew how to sew.  This is the problem with her plan to be a fashion designer.  As far as I can tell, several things are required. Interest/creativity, drawing, and sewing.  I’ve already established that I can’t sew; in fact, Mama can barely draw a stick figure, and I wear clothes until they fall off of me because I hate the shopping/trying on thing, and I’m really just not all that interested. 


All I can say is I’m very glad for the basic kid’s learn-to-sew kit, because I can read the directions, even if I can’t manage to make stitches come out the way they do in the instruction manual. 


This is the last day of the Spring Break for the younger two. Big guy had his last month.  I don’t wanna get up and take them back to school tomorrow.  It’s going to be cold again, and rainy.  Waaah!  Mama’s been having some issues with insomia, which is making me crabby. 😦 I keep telling myself it isn’t so bad, 4AM is a perfect time to get some quiet, uninterrupted writing time.  Yeah.  If you’re a rooster. 


The big guy just emailed me questions for a parent interview he needs to have completed by tomorrow.  He’s been hanging out with me all weekend, and hadn’t mentioned it once.  And they’re all s-e-x related questions for health class.  Oh, yippee.  Cause, yanno, there’s nothing a 16yo boy likes better than having deep, heart-felt discussions with Mama about sex.  


On a positive note, yesterday I was finally able to get that interview done.  Now I’ve got notes for the secondary character I wanted to develop, and can keep going in a forward motion this week. 🙂  


Tank news: nothing new.  All is growing well, though that unfortunately includes the aiptasia.  Really, he’s kinda cute, in a mud brown sort of way.  If I hadn’t read so many horror stories about them reproducing and taking over entire tanks, I would keep him.  There’s a local frag swap next weekend, but I’m not going to go.  It doesn’t seem like there’s much point if I can’t take advantage and buy new corals.  Or a clam.  Or… But no, my dog walking dollars have to go towards new contacts for me.  Mama’s glasses broke, and they don’t seem to be magically repairing themselves, no matter how much I try to pretend they aren’t broken at all.


6 Responses to “Who Thought it was a Good Idea to Raise”

  1. cmscribbles Says:

    My goodness your edge of sarcasm makes this post magic!

    good luck with teaching the girl sewing 😀
    Do you have a sewing machine?
    Or is this by hand with the ol’ needle and thread?
    Last time I think I really sewed anything was in jr. high–
    and let me tell you that was a LONG time ago!

    Sorry you have to send the young ones back to school tomorrow 😦 and in the cold and rain at that–I had no idea your weather was still blah. I’ve been keeping busy with helping my boy with his yard sale epilepsy fundraiser. Ya’ know we are hitting 100 degrees today and tomorrow–wanna borrow some of it??? It was quite warm working in the garage and running around dispensing yard sale flyers. :O Where is that sweaty emote?

    Glad to see you got your interview done and that you are moving forward with character development–way to GO!

    broken eye glasses…?
    Guess that is a priority if you want to continue to SEE the great creatures in your lovely tank–even the mud brown cute one!

  2. Sewing machine? ROFLOL. I wouldn’t know what to do with one, I’m struggling enough with needle and thread. 😀 Somehow or other, we skipped that section when I took Home Ec 😉

    The epilepsy fundraiser sounds great! I hope it cools off for you and your boy–to make it more comfortable and encourage buyers. Right now, I would happily take thirty of your hundred degrees–and I still think that would only leave us at 70!

  3. Susan Says:

    well HELLO! Sorry I have been MIA! i was out of town for 5 days (long story, i got to live dream) I will say I will be ON COVER of Epilepsy Advocate sometime in the next year 😀 autographs, anyone?
    Where do i begin? HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the girl!! Love the new hobby:D Can I play too?
    LMAO @ the interview questions> WHAT kind of school is he going to 😛 j/k
    Spring break was an oxymoron, I FROZE. I want sunshine! I brought sandals with me to Atlanta. I should have bought a warm Jacket!!
    Missed YOU (everyone)!!!

  4. Susan Nagy Says:

    hmm, I thought I posted last nite. It disappeared. Sorry I have been MIA. I was away living a little bit of a dream (LONG Story) I will say ~look for me on the cover of Epilepsy Advocate some time in the next year (no release date yet) 😀
    HAPPY HAPPY belated BDay to the girl! Love the new hobby! I want to play!
    LMAO at the questions for the parent interview. I would be happy it was done through email 😉 I am sure my DS would be too lol.
    Mama, I am so sick of this weather!! I WANT SUMMER!!! maybe cmscribbles can send some sun our way!!

  5. Hi Susan!!!!!!! Waving madly over here! I missed you too. 😀 Wow! We have a cover girl in our midst, look out Who Wants to be a Supermodel!

    I am sick of this cold weather, too. 😦 Warmth, I need warmth. It’s supposed to hit 85 on Saturday, I’ll believe it when I can put my gloves away. 😉

    Thanks for the bday wishes for the girl. 🙂 Come join us and teach her how to sew, I’ll happily put a pot of coffee on.

    • cmscribbles Says:

      See how crazy the weather is…
      we dropped from being over 100 degrees at the front of the week to being in the 70’s now at the tail end of the week.
      So Susan…I thought you already got the sunshine I sent? I must have missed the target. 😀 Also…can’t wait to see the cover girl!!! thanks for alerting us because I will watch for you. My ds is going to be the cover boy for a local paper next week 😀 hooray hooray hooray!

      mama~ If you hit 85 Saturday–YOU will be warmer than me! But that’s okay…big yard sale on Saturday and I don’t want it to be 85 that day here :O

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