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Happy BDay Dear Girl April 17, 2009

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It’s the girl’s bday today. 🙂  I bought her flowers last night, so she woke to a display of mixed flowers, cards, and a few select gifts. Fun!  I’m going to make brownies for this evening, cake, song and candles will be tomorrow evening.  Papa’s working late tonight.  

We just got back from going out to lunch with middle guy, a rare treat. On the menu? Chocolate chip pancakes and wheat toast, of course. Then we went to the plant store, where my frustrated gardeners chose seeds for planting, and Mama drooled over the lush house plants she can”t afford.  😉  Middle guy chose cantelope seeds, not sure how they’ll work out on our mostly shaded terrace, but we’ll see. 😛


Laundry day yesterday. If you aren’t familiar with doing laundry in a building laundry room, let me assure you it’s a full contact sport.  It’s similar to grocery shopping, the sweet elderly lady from the corner using the shopping/laundry cart as a battering ram.  No matter that there is literally no room for two people to pass at the same time.  And don’t forget to race and beat the clock before that dryer stops.  Sure, there are two other empty, functioning dryers on the other end, but why use those when you can take my clothes out of the dryer and leave them in a heap dangling off of the folding table?  “Oh, yeah, honey.  I took those out for you.  No, no problem at all, I was just finishing my tuna sandwich waiting for it to stop.”   “Ummm, thanks?  No, really, I always rewash my clothes straight from the dryer.” Aargh! 


This morning I finally decided it was time to do battle with the brown tentacled hitchhiker in my tank.  It’s gotten large enough for me to make a positive ID. Aiptasia. A pest anemone.  I went to the store and bought lemon juice concentrate, and swiped an insulin needle from Papa’s diabetic supplies.  Filled the syringe, took aim, and shot that ugly sucker right in his mouth.  Immediate retraction, and then all I saw were thin white strings where the tentacles had been waving.  Victory?




He’s now completely recovered, and laughing at me from his foothold in the pipe organ.  


Happy Friday, everyone.


3 Responses to “Happy BDay Dear Girl”

  1. CasaDe Says:

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet girl!!! What a fun wake-up!

    I remember doing “building laundry.” Blah!

    Sorry the lemon juice didn’t work. Maybe iced tea next time? Or maybe when Middle Guy’s cantaloupe comes in…

  2. cmscribbles Says:

    I’m so glad your back 🙂 sounds like you’ve been enjoying some family time though and that is ALWAYS important ❤

    Glad you are celebrating the girl’s birthday into tomorrow since I am late getting on here 😉 Waking up to flowers sounds so cheery–great idea! Please tell her HAPPY B-DAY from friends in Calif.

    I’ll be thinking of your gardeners and hoping that you can get something to grow on the shady terrace–it’ll be fun trying either way!

    BTW… choc. chip pancakes?! 😀 Robert used to love those!!

    The description of your laundry day cracked me up–I have never done “building laundry” but I feel like I have now after reading your recap. I would imagine it is sometimes hard to keep a sense of humor about it though when that is what you deal with regularly to do laundry :O

    I was surprised by your lemon juice syringe treatment–
    sorry it didn’t work long term…maybe it requires multiple treatments.

    enjoy the weekend!

  3. Thanks CasaDe! Not sure about the iced tea, I’m afraid the iced tea will encourage super-growth. 🙂 The cantelope, on the other hand…

    Hi cmscribbles! Great to see you. 😛 LOL on Robert loving choc chip pancakes when he was younger, too. Be very, very glad you’ve never had to do building laundry. It can be funny, but certainly isn’t fun. 😉

    I think the lemon juice would have worked if it was going to. There are products marketed for aiptasia, from what I’ve read, they might or might not work. I can also try getting a peppermint shrimp, they’ve been known to eat aiptasia. Which do you think I’ll choose? 😉

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