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Graphite Smudges on My Hand April 14, 2009

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I know, I know, MIA again.  


Today I’m wondering what makes the difference.  You know what I mean.  Five woman can go through very similar experiences, and walk away with twenty different lessons.  Or none at all.  What am I learning?  I’m not sure yet.


But seriously, what enables one person to turn the drudgery of laundry into prose that’s fluid, and the next into someone who can’t handle more than a grocery list?  And for the record, I’m not sure where I fall on that spectrum.  


I’m writing again.  You guessed it–longhand.  There’s something about pencil in hand and spiral notebook on lap that lets me reconnect in a way the keyboard doesn’t.  This usually doesn’t last too long;  I’m continually revising and editing as I write, so once I hit a rhythm it becomes easier to think directly onto the laptop.  I suspect it will take me longer than usual to find that rhythm this time.  Usually I “see” my stories and scenes so clearly, but right now I feel the way I do when I’m taking pictures of the tank.  I get the digital zoom to come up and everything looks blurry, I move back and forth until things look a little less blurry, and then keep hitting the shutter until I get a shot that’s clear.  Every so often I find the magical combination of perfect distance and zoom, and can get several sharp photos in a row.  (Though right now, there’s something wrong with the camera and I can’t get it to take any shots at all.)


Obviously, Lent is over, and I blew the 500-in-40.  It’s ok, it got me started, and for now I’m not even giving myself a target for each writing day, as long as I write.


I think the personal interview went well for the middle guy, they’ll send a letter in the beginning of May to let us know if he’s accepted, rejected, or waitlisted.  


I met with the girl’s teacher, and while there were no surprises, it was disheartening.  I was able to get an appt for her outside of the school system for a full evaluation at the end of the month, so maybe some good will come of that.  Neuro crud has been creeping back in, as is the snotty nose. Her birthday is at the end of this week; it feels shocking to me that she’s going to be eight.  Mama went shopping a little while ago, and yes!! I was able to find what I hope will be fun craft kits for her (latest obsession, she wants to be a fashion designer).  


 All my fishies and critters are still alive. 🙂  The tang’s ich seems to be going away (none of the other fish caught it), and the zoas are making a comeback.  Nothing new, I don’t think there will be for a while.  Money is too tight.  


Does anyone want to tell me why it’s mid-April and still cold out?


Thanks for checking out my ramblings,



2 Responses to “Graphite Smudges on My Hand”

  1. CasaDe Says:

    Sorry – the mid-April cold spell is for me. I’m in denial that July is on its way! 🙂

    SOOO glad to read about graphite smudges! Thanks for coming back to us.

    Proud of the middle guy for doing so very well – I know you are, too!

    Not so glad to read about the neuro-smudges and the snotty nose. I’m thankful that you are able to get her in for an evaluation soon.

    We’re heavy into standardized testing here, so I’m at a loss for witty and clever statements (unless you want to know about radii and diameters – pi, anyone?).

  2. Hi CasaDe. 🙂 Listen, keep your cold spell to yourself, ok? 😉

    I’m feeling pretty good about having those graphite smudges. I’m trying to reschedule the interview I had planned for research before the girl got sick.

    Umm, pi = 3.14159? Approx 3 and 1/7th? Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? That’s it, you’ve exhausted my knowledge of pi. All I know I learned from Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter, and their son, Radius.

    Thanks for the welcome back!

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