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Back…or Still Here March 27, 2009

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See Mama

See Mama run.

See Mama run after her marbles, which are scattering quickly. 


The girl and I were sprung, and after several more days of rest at home she went back to school.  She’s doing well, recuperating, but the few pounds she lost leave her stretch pants falling off.  


Speaking of girls’ clothes, a friend dropped off a large bag of hand me downs for her.  I appreciate them, hand me downs make life easier when you’re trying to keep three kids clothed.  But why is it that for so much of little girls’ clothing, the only appropriate accessory would be a pole?  Seriously.  Words written in rhinestones across the butt, tank tops with gathering designed to maximize non-existent boobies…Hello?!  Why don’t we just go ahead and hand out g-strings and pasties at their tenth birthday parties?  


I haven’t written one creative word, and feel like I’d be hard pressed to come up with other than a garbled 500 word stream of consciousness.  


The tank survived my absence, but much like Mama, don’t look too close.  The zoas have gotten some type of fungus, so about half of them “melted” away. I have kept it in check with Vit C dosing, and started dipping them this morning in a reef dip that’s mostly iodine.  Hopefully I’ll save what’s left.  The tang has ich, I’ve been soaking the fish food in garlic, which seems to have stopped her from getting worse, and the other fish look totally fine.  


I’m now waiting to hear if the middle guy has been invited to the third and final round of the middle school application process, the private interview.  Hopefully the letter will be in the mail today.  


*******ETA:  YES!!  Got the letter, he’s been invited for the third round!!!!*********


I’m keeping my head down and sticking to one day at a time. Most importantly, tonight is Friday Night Madness. 😉  


Happy Friday All!


6 Responses to “Back…or Still Here”

  1. cmscribbles Says:

    Thank goodness you were “sprung”! Sorry about the girls stretch pants falling off after losing a few pounds 😦 Hope she can find those pounds soon!

    I totally hear you on the little girls clothing–it’s ridiculous.

    I’m so glad that you can go into Friday night madness tonight with having rec’vd “the letter”–this process needs to be over already! 😀 I’m thrilled he is going to the private interview!

    I had to laugh when I saw you are custom prepping the fish food now! I remember when we had a small fish tank and the fish got ich–I think all those upkeep reasons are why we don’t have fish any longer! :O

    Here’s to being right where you are and enjoying Friday Night Madness *cheers*

  2. Hi cmscribbles! I’m so happy to see you here, I figured everyone would have given up on me by now.

    As I unpacked the bag of clothing, I kept thinking of “the compound” from the show Big Love, have you seen it? I bet my girl would love the opportunity to wear long skirts and frilly high collared blouses. ; )

    Thank you for sharing my joy re “the letter.” Getting closer now, and yes! I’m ready for this process to be finished too.

    Luckily prepping the fish food isn’t too bad, I just crush a couple of cloves of garlic and put them in some tank water, then add the fish food. After it soaks for a while, I feed the food. More critters = more chores, no doubt about it.

  3. shoesan Says:

    YEA!WB and FOR the letter arriving BEFORE the weekend Congrats to the middle guy! you should be a PROUD mama! tell him I said WTG and I am sure he will NAIL the interview!

    I am sorry the girl lost some weight, i wish i could donate some body fat to her. I never understood trying make young girls “bimbolinas” It always disgusted me. I really do not get why you would want a name written across your behind. I told my DH that I am going to market “wideload” and see if the dumb consumers would actually wear them. At least we would be amused.

    Enjoy Friday nite madness. I missed ALL of you!

  4. ROFLOL, Shoesan! I bet you could find quite a few willing to ante up for velour sweats touting “wideload.” Get that bedazzler ready. 😉 And I missed you too. ❤

  5. CasaDe Says:

    Glad to see the blog up and running again!

    I know the “joys” of trying to add pounds onto toothpick girls. Sorry it’s such a struggle. Hooray for free clothes, and Goodwill drop off spots near by – hope you have one! 🙂

    WTG, MIDDLE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you make up the Big Guy’s birthday celebrations?

  6. Hi CasaDe! I just want her back to healthy, no problem accepting skinny–she comes by it honestly 😉

    I’m passing on the congrats to Middle Guy, thanks : )

    No, we still haven’t really made up for the Big Guy’s b-day. He dropped his laptop and cracked the screen, by the time we finish either fixing or replacing it–I’ll be covered for the next ten birthdays! 😀

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