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Need to Choose a Better Spa Next Time March 13, 2009

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Mama is in the hospital with the girl, and has been since the day I last posted.  The ER became unavoidable. 😦  So today is the 5th (?) day here.  


The girl is slowly, slowly recovering.  Today was the first completely fever free day in over a week. 🙂  She has to be eating and drinking enough on her own before we can leave.  What’s enough?  Good question, but I’m hoping it isn’t much.  She is a small girl, after all. 😉  


As long as we were here, Dr Neurocrud decided to add insult to injury and have the girl hooked up to eeg leads for the length of our stay.  Yanno, as long as we’re here.  I can’t imagine why the girl wasn’t happy.  She’s sick and feeling terrible, multiple veins were blown trying to place an IV in the ER, isn’t that the perfect time to cement leads and wires to her head, wrap the whole thing in gauze and stocking and plug her into the wall?  


Today Dr Neurocrud told Mama she wants a different type of Dr Neurocrud to see the girl and run more tests and evaluations.  Oh yeah, and her heart was enlarged on the chest x ray done 5 days ago.  Ya think this might have been mentioned before today?  So today, cardiac tests were done (I can’t begin to describe the panic on the girl’s face, wires coming off of all of her), and I’m waiting for results from Dr Cardiocrud.  


I missed the middle guy’s play, and the big guy came to the hospital to have Happy Birthday fast food with us.   


I’ve run home to shower a few times, and things are no longer looking great in the tank.  It isn’t old enough to have no attention for a week. 


The girl wants desperately to go home, and so does Mama.


4 Responses to “Need to Choose a Better Spa Next Time”

  1. CasaDe Says:


    Wishing you speedily home, and that Dr. Cardiocrud finds no crud whatsoever!

  2. Philly Mom Says:

    many hugs!! ((((((Mama)))))) Sorry to hear about the tank!

    I hope the fish and you and the girl can all recover this coming week.

    My MIL will be in town, but call anyway if you’d like, and I will race her to the phone (yes, she answers our phone) or call my cell.

  3. What do you mean by the , is this a story writing? Anyway, I like the theme of your blog, it’s really awesome!!

  4. Hi Perfectionist Gal, welcome! : ) Not sure what you mean by your question. If you’re asking if this blog is fiction, no it isn’t. This is Mama’s life, or at least the bits and pieces fit for print 😉

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