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Aargh! March 5, 2009

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Still so hot that I’m getting chills being next to her. 😦  


I always hate when any of my kids are sick enough to act sick, and offer to lie in bed for the day.  


For those who are unfamiliar with neuro crud and epilepsy, let me assure you there’s an extra special dimension added.  First off, being sick often lowers the seizure threshold, so any illness becomes cause for Mama being on high seizure alert.  The general fuzziness and lethargy that go with fevers become questionable–was that something?  Are those just the shivers of chills?  Why just take a peek at her throat when we can check the color of the nail beds too?  


And let’s not forget med side effects.  One of the side effects the girl has from her AEDs is that she doesn’t sweat.  This drives the fever higher, and makes it harder to break.  


I guess I’ll be calling the ped tomorrow if things aren’t significantly different. The middle guy’s simulated school day at the middle school he’s applying to is tomorrow.  This should be fun.  


And NO.  I didn’t write today.


6 Responses to “Aargh!”

  1. cmscribbles Says:

    being one who is all too familiar with neuro crud and epilepsy I am feeling empathy pains. And, since my ds started his E. journey with what was supposedly dx’d (at the time) as febrile seizures that fever watch and the intense concern with every focused observation is very real in my heart and head.

    Calling the ped tomorrow sounds like a good idea… although I’d prefer a miraculous overnight recovery!

    Is the simulated school day tomorrow something you are supposed to attend or just the middle guy? I’m confident it will all work out 🙂

    grace and peace for today…
    sit with the mama role and the writing will roll again when the time is right. ❤

  2. CasaDe Says:

    Sometimes life takes over and our scheduled pleasures take a back burner. It’s hard. Think of it as time for those thoughts to gel and come together in the back of your head.

    I hope the call to the pede becomes unnecessary, but I’m glad you’re thinking of it if it’s necessary.

    Is the little/middle guy nervous? I can’t imagine such a thing, but you never know…

  3. shoesan Says:

    I’m so sorry she is suffering. I hope she had a gets a restful nite’s sleep and wakes up feeling better.
    Is the middle guy’s simulated day like a job interview for us? (in the Ed world, you do actual lessons in front of a panel, NERVE WRACKING) In technology, you bring a laptop, wow them with a power point, and a portfolio full of all the things you have done during your career. Is he expected to bring stuff with him? OR is this just for him to see if this is really the school for him before he continues with the application process?

  4. Thanks for the good thoughts, all.

    An overnight recovery would have been lovely, but wasn’t in the cards. She’s been up since 4AM, staying over 103.

    I do not have to stay at the sim school day with him, just drop him off, and then pick him up three hours later. He’s nervous. Not so much specifically about today, more of a what’s going to happen if kind of thing.

    Yup, the sim school day is sort of like that portion of a job interview. They invite the kids who scored high enough on the entrance exam, and set up three classrooms. They want to see how the kids respond and interact in a classroom setting.

    He is bringing two assignments, the essay on the most important thing he does each day, and a “coat of arms” he had to design. 4 sections for that, family, personal character trait, hero, and favorite book. They will also have a math class while they’re there. It is also, as I reminded him, an opportunity for him to “try on” the school, and see how it feels to him. 🙂

    I’ll call the ped after I drop him off, and try to schedule an appt for the afternoon. Blech, blech, blech.

  5. cmscribbles Says:

    I’ve been thinking of middle guy since I woke up this morning–what a wise mama you are–I really like the way you reminded him this is also about him “trying on” the school and seeing how it feels to him. Sharing the task of evaluation can provide empowerment.

    Hope the ped was able to see the girl–I DO NOT like that she had been up since 4am and her temp was over 103 😦 you must all be exhausted.

    Sending extra strength and get well wishes!
    This might be a different type of Friday night madness tonight eh? May you get sleep and some enjoyable family and fish tank time.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes, cmscribbles. 🙂 See the new post, you’ll get the updates. And yes, I am exhausted. The girl is sleeping now, though, and has been for a little over two hours. The fever still hasn’t broken.

    Definitely not the Friday Night Madness I had in mind. 😦

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