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So Much for the Promise March 3, 2009

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Did I say Spring was almost here?  Apparently not.  It snowed Sunday-Monday, enough for an almost unheard of snow day for the NYC public schools.  Nice to have a bonus day off.  Not nice that we’re into March and it was 13 degrees this morning.  Hrumph.  


For those who might be wondering (because really, isn’t it all about me?), yes, I’m writing.  Not getting anywhere near a regular 500 words a day, but still.  In fact, I even have a tentative appt tomorrow to get some info for a secondary character I’m developing. 🙂  


I am not, however, in the “zone.”  For those who write, you know what I mean, that point where you’re making changes in your head and thinking about characters and scenes so much that when you sit down to the keyboard, the time flies and the words flow.  More of a trickle than a flow right now.  


Today is 3 weeks seizure free for the girl.   Did I say that out loud?  Shhh, I don’t want to tempt fate, but I am celebrating in my very loudest whisper. 😛  She’s asking questions when she doesn’t understand something, she’s playing with her dolls, she’s waking up smiling. 


The middle guy decided the most important thing he does every day is read.  If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind, it should be gone now–he’s mine. 😉 


The big boy will be on Spring Break starting Thursday afternoon, and I’m so looking forward to spending more time with him.  🙂  


Tank news: I think I have a bad hitchhiker.  There’re strange tentacles peeking out from the polyps of the pipe organ coral.  They’re ugly, brown, and retract when I poke them, leading me to think it’s one of the pest anemones.  I have to try to ID it, and then–gulp–kill it.  Pest anemones are considered pests because they reproduce quickly, and kill the things you want in the tank.  😦  


There you have it, all the news that’s fit to print.


4 Responses to “So Much for the Promise”

  1. CasaDe Says:

    FINALLY!! You can’t just leave the fans waiting like that, lady!

    Yep, sounds like little/middle guy is truly yours. And so, so glad (but whispering) that the girl is much improved!

    Don’t pressure yourself on the writing. It’s not a job; it’s an adventure! Writing 5 days/week is a great goal, regardless of how many words are produced. Although an ugly, tentacled brown hitchhiker would make a good character in a novel…;)

    Glad the Big Guy is coming home. The nice thing about February is that it’s so short!

  2. Sorry CasaDe. Been a bit overloaded. 😦
    LOL, an ugly tentacled brown hitchhiker would make a good character, but there’s no room for it in mine–have to leave it to someone who writes sci-fi. 😛

  3. shoesan Says:

    good news on the girls 3 weeks of seizure freedom! 😀
    Yea for spring break for the big guy. I sure hope it warms up for him!
    Now about that hitchhiker, doesn’t he know that’s illegal?
    Great advice Casa! (not a job, its an adventure) very catchy!

    BRRR I’m cold, sick of snow and tired. OK I’ll stop whining now
    Nite all!

  4. Yes, great news on the seizure break, now we’ve got generic cooties. 😉

    I would never whine along with you, but where are our warm days?!

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