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Back…or Still Here March 27, 2009

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See Mama

See Mama run.

See Mama run after her marbles, which are scattering quickly. 


The girl and I were sprung, and after several more days of rest at home she went back to school.  She’s doing well, recuperating, but the few pounds she lost leave her stretch pants falling off.  


Speaking of girls’ clothes, a friend dropped off a large bag of hand me downs for her.  I appreciate them, hand me downs make life easier when you’re trying to keep three kids clothed.  But why is it that for so much of little girls’ clothing, the only appropriate accessory would be a pole?  Seriously.  Words written in rhinestones across the butt, tank tops with gathering designed to maximize non-existent boobies…Hello?!  Why don’t we just go ahead and hand out g-strings and pasties at their tenth birthday parties?  


I haven’t written one creative word, and feel like I’d be hard pressed to come up with other than a garbled 500 word stream of consciousness.  


The tank survived my absence, but much like Mama, don’t look too close.  The zoas have gotten some type of fungus, so about half of them “melted” away. I have kept it in check with Vit C dosing, and started dipping them this morning in a reef dip that’s mostly iodine.  Hopefully I’ll save what’s left.  The tang has ich, I’ve been soaking the fish food in garlic, which seems to have stopped her from getting worse, and the other fish look totally fine.  


I’m now waiting to hear if the middle guy has been invited to the third and final round of the middle school application process, the private interview.  Hopefully the letter will be in the mail today.  


*******ETA:  YES!!  Got the letter, he’s been invited for the third round!!!!*********


I’m keeping my head down and sticking to one day at a time. Most importantly, tonight is Friday Night Madness. 😉  


Happy Friday All!


Need to Choose a Better Spa Next Time March 13, 2009

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Mama is in the hospital with the girl, and has been since the day I last posted.  The ER became unavoidable. 😦  So today is the 5th (?) day here.  


The girl is slowly, slowly recovering.  Today was the first completely fever free day in over a week. 🙂  She has to be eating and drinking enough on her own before we can leave.  What’s enough?  Good question, but I’m hoping it isn’t much.  She is a small girl, after all. 😉  


As long as we were here, Dr Neurocrud decided to add insult to injury and have the girl hooked up to eeg leads for the length of our stay.  Yanno, as long as we’re here.  I can’t imagine why the girl wasn’t happy.  She’s sick and feeling terrible, multiple veins were blown trying to place an IV in the ER, isn’t that the perfect time to cement leads and wires to her head, wrap the whole thing in gauze and stocking and plug her into the wall?  


Today Dr Neurocrud told Mama she wants a different type of Dr Neurocrud to see the girl and run more tests and evaluations.  Oh yeah, and her heart was enlarged on the chest x ray done 5 days ago.  Ya think this might have been mentioned before today?  So today, cardiac tests were done (I can’t begin to describe the panic on the girl’s face, wires coming off of all of her), and I’m waiting for results from Dr Cardiocrud.  


I missed the middle guy’s play, and the big guy came to the hospital to have Happy Birthday fast food with us.   


I’ve run home to shower a few times, and things are no longer looking great in the tank.  It isn’t old enough to have no attention for a week. 


The girl wants desperately to go home, and so does Mama.


Tick Tock Tick Tock March 8, 2009

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That isn’t really the sound I’m hearing, but I’m imagining it as the background.  What I really hear is the whoosh gurgle whoosh of the return pipe running through the tank. 


Time has a certain stretchiness when someone close to you is very ill.  Like you are now living inside a Salvador Dali painting.  Usually this phenomenon occurs in the hospital.  Once you’re inside for more than a few hours, all perspective gets warped.  An hour can be three days, three days can be an hour.  


I’ve discovered this oddity can occur at home, too, if someone is sick enough.  I’m sure some of it has to do with the lack of sleep.  You’re up late into the night watching, listening, waiting.  And then up before the sun to watch, listen, and wait some more.  During the day when others are going about their lives, you’re watching your sickie sleep, monitoring breathing and temperature changes.  Occasionally some Pink Floyd starts playing in your mental soundtrack, “Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day…”  


Needless to say, the girl is still quite ill.  So far we’ve avoided the hospital, but we were back at the doctor’s office yesterday.  Actually, we saw a different ped yesterday, ours wasn’t on call.  Mama got some clearer guidelines on going to the ER.  I’m trying desperately to avoid the ER, can you tell?


Her fever has yet to break.  It goes lower, it goes higher, but today is 5 straight days.  😦  


The boys and Papa are at the middle guy’s Kendo tournament now.  These tournaments are long, can be quite boring, and the stench of adolescent and grown man sweat can be overwhelming, but still, it’s a big day for my boy and I can’t be there.  Tomorrow is the performance of the musical he’s been rehearsing for the past 6 months, I must figure out how to get to see it.  Obviously, I can’t take the girl, but, but, but.


And for our Bonus Feature March 6, 2009

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Dropped the little guy off at his Simulated School Day, came home and called the ped’s office.  Of course, the only available appt time for the girl to be seen was when I needed to pick up the little guy.  Luckily, the big one is home and was able to do this for me.  


She has pneumonia.  Isn’t that special?  I’m worried, she’s pretty delicate.  I’m also furious.  I’m sure this could have been avoided if she would have been treated any one of the other times I took her in over the past few months, instead of the wait and see response.  If she doesn’t seem to be responding to the antibiotics within twenty four hours, I’m supposed to call the ped.  I’m guessing this might result in a hospitalization.  


That would be, among other obvious things, lousy timing.  The big guy’s birthday is next week, and the little guy’s show is Monday.  


Maybe it just isn’t meant to be for me to pursue my writing anymore.  When I tried last year by taking an online class, I wound up posting my assignments from the girl’s hospital bedside.  So, yeah, I did it, but not exactly able to give it a full effort.  “Excuse me, Dr Neurocrud, could you wait until I finish up these edits?” 😛  Not exactly, hmmm?  


And I need to “reset the clock” on the seizure free count. 😦


Oops, almost forgot the good news.  Little guy had a great time this morning, and felt like it went really well. 🙂


Aargh! March 5, 2009

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Still so hot that I’m getting chills being next to her. 😦  


I always hate when any of my kids are sick enough to act sick, and offer to lie in bed for the day.  


For those who are unfamiliar with neuro crud and epilepsy, let me assure you there’s an extra special dimension added.  First off, being sick often lowers the seizure threshold, so any illness becomes cause for Mama being on high seizure alert.  The general fuzziness and lethargy that go with fevers become questionable–was that something?  Are those just the shivers of chills?  Why just take a peek at her throat when we can check the color of the nail beds too?  


And let’s not forget med side effects.  One of the side effects the girl has from her AEDs is that she doesn’t sweat.  This drives the fever higher, and makes it harder to break.  


I guess I’ll be calling the ped tomorrow if things aren’t significantly different. The middle guy’s simulated school day at the middle school he’s applying to is tomorrow.  This should be fun.  


And NO.  I didn’t write today.


Sickie March 4, 2009

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Not to be confused with sicko.  😉  


The girl is home today, stomach ache and fever.  Up to 102.9 with Motrin and Tylenol. 😦  


Most of the day has been spent lieing on the couch watching the fish tank.  I knew the list of why I love that slice of ocean would keep growing. 


No writing for this Mama today.


So Much for the Promise March 3, 2009

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Did I say Spring was almost here?  Apparently not.  It snowed Sunday-Monday, enough for an almost unheard of snow day for the NYC public schools.  Nice to have a bonus day off.  Not nice that we’re into March and it was 13 degrees this morning.  Hrumph.  


For those who might be wondering (because really, isn’t it all about me?), yes, I’m writing.  Not getting anywhere near a regular 500 words a day, but still.  In fact, I even have a tentative appt tomorrow to get some info for a secondary character I’m developing. 🙂  


I am not, however, in the “zone.”  For those who write, you know what I mean, that point where you’re making changes in your head and thinking about characters and scenes so much that when you sit down to the keyboard, the time flies and the words flow.  More of a trickle than a flow right now.  


Today is 3 weeks seizure free for the girl.   Did I say that out loud?  Shhh, I don’t want to tempt fate, but I am celebrating in my very loudest whisper. 😛  She’s asking questions when she doesn’t understand something, she’s playing with her dolls, she’s waking up smiling. 


The middle guy decided the most important thing he does every day is read.  If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind, it should be gone now–he’s mine. 😉 


The big boy will be on Spring Break starting Thursday afternoon, and I’m so looking forward to spending more time with him.  🙂  


Tank news: I think I have a bad hitchhiker.  There’re strange tentacles peeking out from the polyps of the pipe organ coral.  They’re ugly, brown, and retract when I poke them, leading me to think it’s one of the pest anemones.  I have to try to ID it, and then–gulp–kill it.  Pest anemones are considered pests because they reproduce quickly, and kill the things you want in the tank.  😦  


There you have it, all the news that’s fit to print.