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At Least the Promise is Here February 27, 2009

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Spring.  It’s getting close, I can feel it.  I don’t think winter is quite finished with NY yet, but soon.  I love the first days of spring.  Not because of the budding trees, flowers, etc, but just because I hate the winter, and spring means it’s almost summer.  Yanno when you have those conversations with people, and everyone who lives in a 4-season climate winds up agreeing they would miss the seasons?  Not me.  I would happily give up winter, fall, and spring to live somewhere it’s summer year round.  Give me the sun, warmth, the beach, and internet access, I’m done.  


I’m feeling better this afternoon, thanks all!  Life is what it is, and we have to just keep moving forward.  Besides, Papa brought home dill pickle flavored potato chips for me last night, how can I wallow? 😉

Got the lab results on the girl’s bloodwork, all is good.  🙂  The middle guy has to work on an essay to bring with him to the simulated school day, about the most important thing he does each day.  A thought provoking question, I would be hard pressed to come up with one answer, how about you?


I didn’t write yesterday, but realized I don’t have to beat myself up about it, there’s still the rest of today and the weekend.  5 days a week does not have to mean Mon-Fri.  Thankfully, because I was never meant to be a 9-5er.  


The skunk cleaner shrimp molted again last night–I’ll have to look that up, I don’t think she should molt so frequently.  And yes, I said she, because today I saw she’s carrying eggs.  I’m sure they’ll wind up to be a tasty snack for the fishies. 😛  Neither of the two cleaner shrimp have actually cleaned any fish yet, but the fire shrimp actually took a ride on the tang yesterday evening.  I’m not sure Gloria (the glorious yellow tang) was  happy, but Sadie the fire shrimp had a grand time. 😀  


Best of all?  It’s almost Friday Night Madness! 🙂  


Happy Friday, everyone! 

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5 Responses to “At Least the Promise is Here”

  1. shoesan Says:

    sheesh, you are always making me THINK 😛 The most important think I do? Get up and out of bed! Some days I want to roll over and NOT face my brutally Long days. I want to lay in bed and snuggle under covers and NOT face reality. The 2nd? take my meds.
    Im with you! I need ONE season! SUMMER and a HOT one!
    Glad you are feeling better today, must have been the chips 😉
    WOW mama, gourmet cooking for the dog and now caviar for the fish in the tank! Your pets live the good life 😛 What would be a cause for extra molting? dry skin LMAO

  2. LOL Shoesan. I think the most important thing we do is laugh! Not sure laughter or getting up is the answer they’re looking for from a ten year old, though. 😛 I kwym, though, about how challenging it can be to get out of bed when you know you’re facing a non-stop 18 hour day. 😦 Thanks for answering! 🙂

    The chips made me feel a whole lot better while I was eating them, now that I finished them, ummm, not so much. 😉

    I’m not sure my doggie gumbo counts as gourmet, maybe if I add some shrimp eggs…;)

  3. Philly Mom Says:

    The most important thing I do each day is love my kids–and the big part of that is that includes no matter how they act and no matter how I’m feeling. Especially challenging today with a migraine for me and a 14 yr.old in a mood.. I pat myself on the back for mothering the best I can.

    What would my fifth grader say to that question? Probably something about nice to animals and her friends. 🙂

    I would NOT like Summer all year. Spring is my favorite season. I think the temperatures are just right and I even love the rainy Spring days with a warm breeze and the rain smell….heaven. No cars blaring music yet….just flowers everywhere and silly pastel eggs…it always makes me think of fresh starts and renewal and hope and second chances.

    And as far as the chips go, I say “life is short! Eat chips!” 😉

  4. cmscribbles Says:

    sorry I’ve been MIA… I think I was overcome with my own emotions after reading the “take another little piece of my heart now” blog entry :O

    First off…glad that letter came. I really never doubted it would be a delivery with good news. Congrats to middle guy for his attitude about all of this… I’d wish him luck…but I don’t think he needs it. Instead I hope he digs deep and discovers what is inside him to share and that he delivers it confidently. Does the essay answer need to be a specific length?

    I asked Robert the question: What’s the most important thing you do each day? He answered, “I try to enjoy my day.” 🙂 I didn’t ask him to elaborate…I thought that was a pretty good thing for him to see as important. I’m probably like you mama–I think I’d be pretty hard pressed to come up with one answer…but I am going to take this question on over the next few days and see what I can come up with.

    Glad you didn’t beat yourself up when you didn’t write on Thursday. Sounds like you have a good perspective on this self-challenge of 500 in 40. And what a dear man Papa is
    bringing home pickle flavored 😛 chips for you.

    Oh yes…great news on the the girl’s bloodwork results!

    Hope you enjoyed Friday night Madness. I was tired…very tired…today. My Friday night was spent making dinner and then watching Numb3rs with my dh and son and I had 1 glass of wine…not much madness there right?

    ps from this west coast girl…I miss the IDEA of having 4 distinct seasons but I wouldn’t trade my sunshine for it.

  5. CasaDe Says:

    “Give me the sun, warmth, the beach, and internet access, I’m done.”

    I’m in. Let’s go! 🙂

    The most important thing I do each day? I think there is more than one.
    *Let my kids know I love them.
    *Make sure I keep up with their discipline.
    *Gestate, gestate, gestate.
    *Connect with my deep-thinking friends.
    *Pray and get my heart on the bigger picture.

    Hoping Friday Night Madness was a great time!!

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