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What Day Is It, Anyway? February 25, 2009

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You know those days when you keep forgetting what day of the week it actually is?  Usually this happens to me on Mondays, and I’m convinced it’s Friday. 😛  Today I keep thinking it’s Tuesday, but luckily, it isn’t.  Yay!  Wednesday!!


We didn’t receive the letter about the middle guy’s school yet. 😦  Hoping for today.  If not, I’ll call the school tomorrow to make sure it wasn’t lost in transition.  I know I wrote our new address on the application, but my oldest went there, so maybe they sent it to the old address??  I’ve got to call Dr Neurocrud’s office about lab results for the girl tomorrow anyway, so I’ll just plan for an hour to make official phone calls.  


Mama’s been busy this morning.  Papa and I were trying to figure out the new protein skimmer for the tank.  Eventually we’ll get it.  I had to run to the grocery store, there was literally nothing in this house for dinner.  Now I’ve got raviolis in the freezer and doggie gumbo simmering on the stove.  Poor dog had a very skimpy portion left for breakfast today, so I supplemented with a whole can of sardines.  Ewww.  Anyone want to accept stinky slobbery kisses for the rest of the day? 😉  


Oh, yeah, today was the first day for the 500 in 40.  I did it!!!!!!!   A little over 500 words.  They aren’t the best words, and they’ll be reworked many times over, but I got started.  Yippee!!!  I also looked over what I already had, so I’ve got a project for tonight.  I like what’s there, but there’s much tightening to do. Writing is funny that way.  You think your work is as polished as much as possible, but then look at it a few weeks/months/years(!) later, and plenty will jump out at you.   This is the routine I used to use; write in the morning, and in the afternoon or evening do some edits of work from the day before.  The day before, the year before, close enough, right? 😛  


It’s kind of like working out, if you stop for long enough, you remember your old routine, but can’t just jump back into 50 sit ups a day.  There was a time when 750-1000 words was an average day for me.  I’ll get back there, but these 500 were rough going–and that includes having been thinking about this scene for months now.  I think I’m more afraid of tomorrow than I was of today.  


Happy Wednesday, everyone!



7 Responses to “What Day Is It, Anyway?”

  1. shoesan Says:

    congrats! I’m so proud you have begun! Funny as I read about your routine, working out in the gym came to mind, then you mentioned it (GREAT MINDS 😉
    where the heck is that letter grrrr Hope you enjoyed the ravioli’s! I will skip on the stinky doggie kisses 😛
    I have the worst migraine. It won’t quit 😦

  2. Thanks, shoesan. 🙂 Great minds, indeed. 😛 The letter didn’t come. 😦
    Funny, the kids love raviolis (I do too), but they never had frozen ones until this move. I didn’t make them myself, but always bought fresh from Pastosa’s. Yanno what? They don’t mind the frozen ones a bit, they just don’t eat as many.

    I’m sorry you have such a bad migraine. I hate them. 😦 I hope you’re sleeping it off now, and wake feeling better in the morning. We’ll save the stnky doggie kisses for the next poster. 😉

  3. CasaDe Says:

    HOORAY!!!! The writing is off the ground! 🙂

    “Anyone want to accept stinky slobbery kisses for the rest of the day?”
    Actually, that’s what I get when my garlic-loving son is rewarded for good behavior with a piece of candy. BLECH!

  4. Hi CasaDe! 😀 Today’s pages are to your credit, since you’re the one who got me blogging. 🙂 As for the garlic loving son, I find fresh parsley is more effective than candy. 😛

  5. 500in40 Says:

    Happy Day 1 of 500 in 40! Glad to hear it’s going well for you! I’m a little rusty myself in terms of a writing routine, hopefully the challenge will straighten me out again.
    That’s awesome that editing is a part of your routine. I should definitely get into that more. It takes the pressure off to know that whatever you write will be fixed later on.
    You’re right, tomorrow may be harder than today…but I figure after the first week it will start to get easier and easier.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  6. Philly Mom Says:

    Good luck with your 500 words! Rooting for you!!

  7. Hi 500! Fancy meeting you here 😉 I find it helpful to make editing part of my writing routine, it’s easier to catch inconsistencies, and sometimes helps to keep the ideas flowing. I am hoping next week will be easier, good luck to you too! 🙂

    Hi PhillyMom–thank you for the support! 🙂

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