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Write Turn Ahead February 24, 2009

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Every so often I feel a burning need to check out the writer’s reference books in Barnes and Noble, and pick up a  new book on writing.  Most turn out to be disappointing, but there are some that speak to me, for whatever reason.  I just found one of those, The Art and Craft of Storytelling, by Nancy Lamb.  A good blend of craft and inspiration, with a healthy dose of nudging. 😉  


Perfect timing, yesterday I found a new blog here on wordpress,  #mce_temp_url#.  Sorry, I can’t quite figure out how to give the links a title.  The author of the blog has decided that for Lent (begins tomorrow, Feb 25), she will write at least 500 words a day, at least 5 days a week, for 40 days.  Sounds good for the soul to me, so I’ve decided I’m going to try.  Yikes!  Because I’m rusty, I won’t hold myself to 500 words a day, but I will apply butt to chair and Mac to lap, and produce something every day.  


Last week I had a conversation with a friend who is a playwrite; she recently completed a play she was working on for ten years.  We talked a bit about growing and changing with time and events as people, and how it can effect and  shape us as writers, without it meaning we have to walk away from a WIP that we believe has value.  That’s what I walked away with, she could easily have walked away thinking Mama has finally lost it. 😛  


So.  Over the course of this afternoon/evening I will dig out my notes and research, and read over what I’ve got so far.  Tomorrow I will open Word, and click on the file I haven’t had the nerve to click on in too long.  I’m nervous.  I’m excited.  It’s like a date, only better–and I don’t think Papa will object, either. 🙂


On other fronts the girl made it through the whole day yesterday, and no calls from the nurse so far today. 🙂  Middle guy is home sick today.  Not terribly ill, but glassy eyed enough for it to seem prudent to keep him home. No letter in the mail yesterday about the boy, please, please, please let it be there today.  I just want to know already, are we moving forward with this process or not?  The boy, bless his heart, is very adaptable, and not showing the least bit of concern one way or the other.  

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11 Responses to “Write Turn Ahead”

  1. cmscribbles Says:

    🙂 –> Hooray for the girl!
    😦 –> Sorry to hear middle guy is not feeling well.
    😀 –> Dancing and celebrating your goal of writing for 40 days while recalling the thought that motivated you–that it will be good for your soul.

    oh yes…waiting with you on that letter. 😉

  2. shoesan Says:

    Love the 500 in 40 😀 GO MAMA!

    the waiting is hard, glad he handles it well 😉 Still crossing my fingers and toes!

    I am glad the girl made it through yesterday. She fared better than I (sp for me 😦 ) my first in 6 months. Damn bug crawling issues. One of these days it is going to set me OVER The edge!
    Mama Email me your email!! I scanned the Rach Ray doc and can’t find your email 😦

  3. Thanks cmscribbles. 🙂 Still waiting on that letter, the mailbox was absolutely empty today. 😦

    LOL, Shoesan, I wanted to send you something today and couldn’t find your email either. I’ll pm you on the other site. 🙂

    I’m so sorry about the sp. 😦 😦 Yes, I’m psyched to start the 500 in 40. Wish me luck contacting my muse. She’s so darned elusive. 😉

  4. findingherforte Says:

    I’ve been writing every day since the fourth grade. Usually in journals. =)
    To give you an idea of how long that is: I’m a Senior in highschool.

  5. cmscribbles Says:

    Maybe your letter carrier and all the letters were lifted off in those winds you’ve been talking about lately :O

    good luck rediscovering your muse.

  6. Welcome, findingherforte. 🙂 I’m happy you’re able to keep yourself so disciplined. *insert whine about how I used to be that way here* 😉 Do you belong to any of the online writing communities?

    LOL, cmscribbles, that must be it–the blasted wind! 😛

  7. findingherforte Says:

    Uh, I don’t think so (belonging to any communities). haha =)
    It’s hard work to get myself to write everyday, but it’s helped me improve so much. =)

  8. It is hard work to write every day, but I agree it pays off in what you produce. I’d love to check out your blog, but your username doesn’t have a link. 🙂

  9. findingherforte Says:

    huh. i don’t know why it doesn’t have a link. Weird.

  10. Hi Finding. 🙂 Thanks for the link to your blog. 🙂 You’ve got some wonderful imagery in your poems, very clear and moving. Here is the link to instructions on how to have your name automatically link to your blog

    Not sure that worked, but here’s hoping! 🙂

  11. Thanks =)
    Keep checking in. I’ll have a new one almost every day =)

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