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Holding My Breath Week February 23, 2009

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It’s that time of year where I start waiting anxiously for the warmer weather.  Every day I wake up thinking it must be warmer today, but no.  still cold.  


Kiddos are back to school this week, and I’m praying this increase holds for the girl, and she can have another good week where she stays in school all day–every day. 🙂  


I’m expecting to hear about whether or not the little (middle) guy is being invited for the second round of the admissions process today or tomorrow.  I hoped there would be a letter in the mail Saturday.  That would have been early, but ya never know.  Nope, nothing but a bill and a plea for money from the Museum of Natural History. 


Mama went shopping this weekend.  No clothing, sorry gals, only one size fits all coral frags and a new shrimp.  I haven’t been able to get a photo of the shrimp yet, she moves too quickly, and my camera is not that good.  😛  The tank is filling in nicely.  Much as I love watching it, nothing is better than when something catches one of the kid’s eyes, and they get excited.  




OK, the first one isn’t new, it’s the frogspawn I got a few weeks ago–but it is cool.  🙂  The next two are zoa frags.  Zoas come in many different color morphs, all have ridiculous names; I prefer to stick with the scientific names, yanno, “the purple ones, the green ones…” 😉  


I hope all are having a good start to the week, and that I stop holding my breath before I turn blue.


8 Responses to “Holding My Breath Week”

  1. Philly Mom Says:

    Still trying to get over the ‘no clothing’….no hair products? No handbag?? OK, coral frags it is. 😉 I will wait for the shrimp pic. I’d love to see it. Maybe I can pretend it is a piece of jewelry that looks like a shrimp? lol. OK, it’s Monday. I’m tired and that makes me loopy. I just need some coffee I think!!

    Hope today was good for the girl and you hear soon about the school for middle guy. **crossing fingers**

    Let’s get after the Punxatawney Phil! Enough with Winter!!

  2. cmscribbles Says:

    LOL 😀 Mama you sound like you’d be my perfect shopping buddy! We can stop at a bookstore and coffee shop right?

    Okay there isn’t even sun here today in sunny southern california 😦 It is cloudy and it is supposed to rain today. blech. I don’t mind rain once in awhile…but when it rains it puts me in a “don’t want to go anywhere” mood.

    I liked your photos–thanks for the effort to take and add those for us to see what you are seeing 🙂 I really like the frogspawn. I don’t know the first thing about reef tanks other than that I like to ooohhh and ahhhhh at the colors 🙂 On the frogspawn are the tentacles translucent? Are they even called tentacles? That’s cool! 🙂 Oh I really like the “green ones” too.

    I’ll be thinking of you and the girl and the little (middle) guy this week with hopeful expectation as you hold your breath…don’t hold it too long okay!

  3. Hi Philly Mom, 🙂 Yes, hopefully the fire shrimp will settle later in the week so I can get a good photo of her. I’d love for us to go frag shopping together–you might want to get a tank first, though. 😉

    Hi cmscribbles, sorry there was no sun for you today. 😦 Sounds like a perfect day to hit the bookstore and coffee shop. I think Philly Mom would enjoy that excursion, too. 🙂

    I love the frogspawn, too–it was one of the critters that made me want to start a reef tank. Yes, his tentacles are translucent. The colors in the photo are a fairly accurate representation. I also LOVE sharing the tank photos. I’ve come to understand why so many who get into reefing then get into photography. 😛

    Today was a good day for the girl. 🙂 I’m waiting for Papa to come home to check the mail about the boy, I’m too nervous by myself. Yikes!!

  4. shoesan Says:

    Mama, we sure do have “different” taste when shopping “:P
    i do have to admit your purchases are pretty and always FIT! I am so sick of the cold and today was perhaps the LONGEST Monday ever! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed, waiting for the arrival of that letter! I hope the transition back to school for the girl goes smoothly. (and no calls from the nurse 😉
    If all of us met for a day of shopping, I would have to venture off with Philly mom and Mama and cmscribbles would have to go read books :P. I didn’t do that well at the outlets this weekend. It is between seasons. Of course, I didn’t come home empty handed BUT NO SHOES!

  5. Philly Mom Says:

    I DO like bookstores and coffee, but no reef tank here and not interested in frag shopping. Sorry, Mama! I would be thrown out of the store, for lack of knowledge……or due to drooling at some shirt or purse across the street, in another shop….Yes, I think Shoesan and I would get along shopping! I LOVE outlets. I end up outlet shopping in the Poconos, when we are supposed to be hiking and such..

    Sorry you have rain today cmscribbles. That makes me want to stay inside, too.

  6. LOL, I guess we’d have to split off in pairs to shop, and then meet for coffee afterwards. 😛 Sorry you didn’t find any good shoes, Shoesan–I hope it was a wonderful b-day weekend anyway. Maybe a pedicure in preparation for sandal season? 😉

    And yes, I am DONE with winter. These howling winds must leave! I’m afraid they’re trapped btw the buildings here, the wind tunnels are outrageous.

  7. shoesan Says:

    I do like bookstores and LOVE coffee but I am more enthralled with purses, shoes and clothes. Mama, I wanted to tell you about what I spotted in Rachel Ray’s Magazine~ a recipe for a meal for your dog! I THINK SHE IS PEAKING AT YOUR BLOG!!! 😀 She should at least give you credit 😉 maybe I can scan it and email it to you! It was some rice, bacon (Ok I know you would omit that) and cheese concoction. I got a good chuckle!

  8. Yes!! Send it to me. 🙂 Lol, Rachel Ray reading my blog–I bet that would boost my stats, huh? 😉

    PS: I wouldn’t omit the bacon, I’m vegetarian, but the dog isn’t. 😛

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