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Scattered this Week February 19, 2009

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The kids have been on mid-winter break this week.  I always find this break to be so necessary for all, and yet it didn’t exist when I was in elementary school.  Everyone is tired, sick of cold weather and short days.  Something else that didn’t exist when I was a kid–playdates.  I understand how they came to exist, parents don’t just let their kids out the door anymore, “Be home by dinner.”  And most mothers are working, so they aren’t getting together with friends for lunch or coffee with kids in tow.  But when did playdates start?  


My idea of a perfect use of this week would be to sleep in, rest, read, write, play some board games with the kids, and catch up on laundry.  Would ya believe the kids don’t have the same idea of a perfect week?  So we’re having playdates.  On Sunday, a long time friend of mine came over for the afternoon and evening with her husband and children.  Monday, Grand-Mama came over.  Tuesday, a friend to both of my younger two came over and played.  Wednesday, up and out early for a blood draw for the girl, and then playdates for both kids came over for the day.  Today is supposed to be another double playdate at one of those paint your own pottery places.  


I’m glad the kids are having fun and being social,especially the girl.  The social aspect of school has not been a rip roaring success for her.  But this all means I will once again be scrambling to get the laundry done before we’re completely out of clean clothes.  


I like to talk to friends/relatives who don’t have children, and hear what they do on days off.  They sleep in, go for brunch, send the laundry out, and then they nap.  Does that sound perfect to me?  Not really.  Sleeping in, yes.  Go for brunch, mmmm.  Send the laundry out?  Not so much.  Even though I hate to do the laundry, I’m too neurotic to send it out.  I’m particular about how things are washed, and I hate to shop, so I like my clothes to last a loooong time.  Napping?  I don’t think I could if there wasn’t a raging fever involved.  


So, not the week of my dreams, but nice to have a break from pick-ups and drop-offs, school nurses, and daily homework torture.  Not to mention extra snuggle time with my very snuggly kiddos.  🙂


8 Responses to “Scattered this Week”

  1. Philly Mom Says:

    I think a perfect day off for me would be sleeping in, lunch out, shopping (with $, of course!), and then a great latte with whipped cream in the late afternoon, take out thai food for dinner, and a good movie. That is not so much to ask, is it? 😉

    But, alas, we end up filling our ‘non-school’ days with early mornings, playdates, swim lessons, CCD, soccer, kiddie birthday parties, and errands! Such fun! I am sick of playdates, too. My Mom used to just say we could go see whoever we could ride our bikes to..

    Enjoy the break from the nurse calls and homework. I do wish I had that, but I will be rubbing it in in June, when we get out a week before you because we don’t have this break! lol.

    Enjoy your snuggle time!

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Trust me, Philly Mom, this break is nice, but not worth the extra time in June!

    Your dream day off sounds lovely, I think that’s what you should ask hubby for on your next b-day. : ) I’ll skip the shopping, but meet you for that latte 😛

  3. shoesan Says:

    I have been stuck reading 3 textbooks this week and logging them onto an excel spreadsheet. Along with that, I have been squeezing in some gym time (I am an addict), entertaining my 9 yr old, driving the 15 yr old around town, catching up with housework and studying data (my other class). FUN HUH?
    My dream week off would be laying on a beach, drink in hand, watching my kids play, snorkeling every few hrs to cool off, good restaurants at nite, some shopping. I require little sleep, so I don’t need to sleep in. I just need SUN! I am enjoying the break from routines and will be sad when chaos begins again Monday.
    Saturday may be a bit of a perfect day. My DH takes me Outlet shopping for my bday (NO KIDS!) and then out to Carraba’s for salad, sangria and bread! YEA
    Enjoy Snuggle time!

  4. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Well now, a dream week off is different than a day off. Dream week? I’ll meet you on the beach. 😛

    Glad you’re getting a little break, Shoesan, but it sounds like you’re still working hard. 😦 Sounds like hubby’s got the perfect day planned for you, so sweet!

    Enjoying my snuggles, and pretending Monday is far far away,


  5. shoesan Says:

    Mama, we need to get to the beach!
    Philly Mom, I have recently taken to Thai food. LOVE the spiciness of it, the infusion of flavors. Have you tried thai iced coffee?? OMG YUM!!!

  6. A la playa!! (to the beach) 🙂

    I’ve got a fantastic and reasonably priced Thai place right up the street from me. Ladies, when should I make the reservations for? Haven’t tried thai iced coffee, sounds like a must have. 😛

  7. Philly Mom Says:

    Yes, a *week* off would find me at the shore!! I love the beach. Also, a dream day off with kids is pretty different. I like playing board games with them, too, but I also really enjoy bike riding with them or hiking or even throwing a football around. Of course, on the perfect day off with kids, they would all get along all day! I also think a picnic might be involved, but not sure my 14 yr. old boy would want to participate in that, in PUBLIC. LOL.

    OK, our local thai place does not have thai iced coffee. That sounds good! I do like coffee in all it’s forms. 😉 They like to serve hot tea, which is just fine this time of year (not so much, in the Summer)…they bring me a little pot to the table….dh keeps asking me what kind of tea it is, and honestly, I don’t know! Need to ask one of these days! I LOVE pad thai noodles and have sampled them everywhere that serves them in Philly and came up with this tiny place as the best! lol. Maybe I should suggest they add the iced coffee for Summer? 😉

    What? Mama doesn’t like to shop??!

  8. Sorry, Philly Mom. Ya think ya know a gal, and then find out…she doesn’t like to shop. 😛

    Online shopping is nice, but contraindicated with the budget. 😉

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