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Room for Error February 13, 2009

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Yesterday I was chatting with a newer friend, who asked me about the hows/whys of my extreme interest in getting each of my children into the right schools for them.  


The first, easy answer is that we live in Manhattan.  There isn’t an automatic solid “catchment” school for the kids to go into.  Manhattanites are, generally speaking, a little nutty about getting each child into the “best” schools.  There aren’t enough good schools in the middle ground; there’s wonderful (though not perfect), and there’s oh-my-God-how-can-I-send-my-child-in-there. 😛  


Another answer would be the stereotypical part of the American dream.  Wanting your kids to do better than you.  I’m afraid, and part of the first generation in a long time where it isn’t a given that I’m living a more comfortable life than my parents.  It not only isn’t a given, it isn’t true at all.  My parents owned a home; I don’t, and don’t see it ever happening at this point.   Life is what it is, a lot went into where I am, including some poor decision making on my part.  I can accept where I am, but don’t want the kids to stay “here.”  


I don’t want their lives to be spent in pursuit of the almighty dollar, I want them to be productive, fulfilled, and happy adults.  If you don’t have the potential to earn enough money, though, your life is ruled by that dollar.  I honestly believe that education is the path to “better.”  A great education teaches kids how to make decisions and weigh options, see how each choice affects another.  A great, well rounded education exposes to kids to many subjects and fields, and lets them know there’s a whole lot more out there than “doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief.”  And those pieces of paper matter.  Are there people who find success and financial freedom without them?  Sure.  They’re also people who win the lottery.  I wouldn’t bank on either of those happening.  


I admit it, I’m greedy when it comes to my children.  I want it all for them.  Do I expect they’ll get it “all?”  Probably not.  But maybe those high goals will leave them with enough.  🙂  


Other news: the girl is doing great!  Yippee!!!!!!!  🙂

Tank news:  The new frogspawn fell over onto the ricordea during the night a couple of nights ago. Frogspawn is a much more aggressive coral, and spent the night stinging the ricordea.  My beautiful big green ric, which had been about three inches big and splitting into two, is now less than half an inch long. 😦  At least it hasn’t died, and it looks a little less flat and shriveled than it did 2 days ago.  


Happy Friday Night Madness everyone!


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