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Madness and Mayhem in a Glass Box February 4, 2009

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Happy Wednesday, all. 🙂


And so far, it is indeed a happy Wednesday for this Mama.  Yesterday was bad enough for the girl that I needed to call Dr Neurocrud.  We’re increasing the meds, and started last night, blech.  Good news, she woke much clearer this morning (despite the resurgence of the dreaded snotty nose), and I haven’t heard from the nurse yet today.  Yippee!!  


Apparently everyone’s feeling pretty feisty in the tank today, too.  The orange clownfish beat up the smaller black one.  Actually bit down on his tail and shook him by it. Then I fed the tank, and one of the ricordeas got a piece of food into its mouth.  The cleaner shrimp decided he hadn’t had enough to eat yet, and pulled it out of the mushroom’s mouth. 😛  So much for my concerns that the six line wrasse would be aggressive. 


It’s another bitter cold day here in the city, but it stopped snowing last night, and everyone in the area did a great job clearing the ice.  I took the dog out fully expecting to slide down the sidewalk, but had no problems finding a path.  


Spoke too soon. 😦  The nurse just called, the girl is in her office feeling seizurey.  Sigh.  Still, I’m going to be hopeful.  No other choice, right?


5 Responses to “Madness and Mayhem in a Glass Box”

  1. CasaDe Says:

    When the choice is between hope and laundry, I’d choose the hope every time!

    I hope this med increase kicks in quickly!

    Cold and snowy here, but nothing new. Wondering if the Arctic Circle has been redrawn this winter…

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Thanks, CasaDe.
    I’d laugh about your Arctic Circle reference, but my teeth are chattering too much 😉

  3. shoesan Says:

    Casa that is HYSTERICAL!! Im SOOO cold brrrr. I want SUMMER!

    Lots of action in the tank today. Is it a full moon??

    Mama, NEVER lose hope!! Remember Hope costs nothing 😀 and it keeps us going!
    I HOPE the meds increase helps ASAP!

  4. Philly Mom Says:

    Hoping the med increase helps her! Glad you could walk without sliding around. 🙂

    I think the Arctic Circle was redrawn to include Philly, too. 17 degrees here today. BRRRRRR!!!! I will settle for Spring..

  5. mitchelllamamama Says:

    We all need some warmth!! I *think* tomorrow is supposed to be above freezing. Please. Pretty please? 😉

    Thanks Shoesan and Philly Mom, only one call from the nurse today and the girl made it through to the end of the day. Yay!!!

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