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Good for the Soul Friends January 27, 2009

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It seems to be a universal truth that it’s harder to form and solidify friendships once you get older.  Everyone gets busy with their individual lives and families, and those little moments of attention and recognition that build friendships are fewer.  As a parent of school age children, you meet many other parents, but that isn’t enough commonality to be “friends.”  


Today I met a friend for breakfast.  This isn’t something I do often, because of both time and money constraints.  I especially needed it this week because I missed Friday Night Madness this weekend (my buddy was sick).  It’s been quite a few months since this friend and I have been able to get together, though she lives a block away.  Everybody is busy.  Parenting, spousing, budgeting, working, keeping house, all the stuff that goes into daily life.  But I need these moments, and I’m glad I got one today.  Our oldest children have been in school together since preschool, a true rarity in NY.  We’ve sniffed and blinked back tears together at the end of preschool, elementary school, and middle school.  Another couple of years and there will be a high school graduation to sniffle through.  I think I might be out and out sobbing by then. 😉


She came over for a while after breakfast and saw the apartment for the first time since we moved in.  Last she saw it, there were nails and saws everywhere, and no kitchen sink.  It isn’t a showplace, but it’s coming along.  Luckily I had already told her about the dog almost killing himself by drinking water from the sump, otherwise she would have thought I stopped feeding him.  He’s much, much thinner than when she saw him last.  Non-stop diarrhea and vomiting for days from drinking a gallon of saltwater will do that. 


The tank has been very active over the last 12 hours.  I love how things just happen in my artificial ocean, I can sit back and marvel. The cleaner shrimp molted last night, for the first time since I’ve had him.  Pretty cool.  I wish I could molt once in a while, and have a fresh new shell–sans stretch marks.  The candy cane coral pooped, and I saw it happen.  If  you can not think about the fact that they eat and poop from the same orifice, it’s very cool.


3 Responses to “Good for the Soul Friends”

  1. shoesan Says:

    YA KNOW its way TOOOO late and I am TOOO tired for you to have me thinking like this!! 😛 I just CAN”T not read! I love ending my day here! YOU will be bawling like a baby come HS grad. I don’t EVEN want to go there 😛
    I have few friends that I can’t imagine getting through life without having them (my soul sisters) My closest friend, Joanie, who goes all the way back to HS, i call her my therapist. I think I would be in psych ward if I didn’t have her 😉
    OK you are lucky I am wiped out (tuesdays are my 15 hr days) I was so tempted to bust your chops on if there was any correlation with dogs weight loss and the onset of you cooking for him. BUT i wont 😛 HEY I tell my friends TEASING =LOVE and my friend nan says YOU MUST Love me lots 😀

    Can you post video of the tank?? LIVE FEED??? SO i can catch it in action??? sigh so jealous!!!
    and LOL i think i should be able to MOLT! mother nature is so cruel!

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Aww, Shoesan, you are too sweet. ❤

    There is something very special about old friends, who know you inside out from way back when. Papa is one of my oldest friends. 🙂

    I’m glad your very long day is over. I’m such a sucker about the dog, I think his near death experience is as much a part of why I started cooking for him as the $. He’s my buddy, not to mention his seizure response instincts for the girl.

    Live feed? Umm, is that when the six line wrasse hunts and eats pods? 😉 I have no clue how to do that. You’re talking to someone who was finally adventurous enough to post a comment on someone else’s blog, but couldn’t figure out how to link my sig. :0 You can come visit the tank, and me!!!!! and of course, give me lessons on the whole blogging thing. 🙂

    Stay safe tomorrow, it’s going to be a snowy/icy drive for you in the AM.

  3. cmscribbles Says:

    “If you can not think about the fact that they eat and poop from the same orifice, it’s very cool.”


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