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All Good Things January 26, 2009

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must  come to an end, which, I suppose, is better than no good deed goes unpunished.  


Watching my daughter sleep this morning, I saw…something.  I can’t explain it, a particular shadow to her face.  All I know is I saw it, and didn’t want to.  I even very specifically did not mention it when chatting online to a friend earlier. The nurse called a while ago; the girl was in her office, complaining of feeling “seizurey.”  I ran to the school to eyeball her.  Pupils responsive, oriented x3, pallor but still good color in her nail beds, and she wanted to stay at school, so I let her.  I’m 5 minutes from the school, 3 if I run, the nurse is on the premises and the girl has a full time para with her.


My daughter has the strongest spirit of anyone I know.  If there’s any way she can keep going she wants to, she does, and she does while smiling one of those smiles that makes you smile back–and mean it. 🙂


I did get the unsurance stuff resolved this morning in less than an hour.  That must be a record.


The six line wrasse is doing really well, cruising through the rockwork, picking off pods and eating prepared foods.  And no, I am not preparing my own fish food, there’s a limit to my thriftiness (nuttiness?).    So here I sit, watching the tank and holding my breath to see if the nurse is going to call back, if the girl will make it through her day.  


Happy Chinese New Year. 🙂


3 Responses to “All Good Things”

  1. CasaDe Says:

    Yuck! I am sorry the good thing came to an end! 😦

    Got any recipes for guinea pig food?

  2. shoesan Says:

    Mom’s intuition. I am sorry the girl had a seizury day.:( I hope its just that TODAY. and tomorrow is a better day.
    Casa, I cracked up when U asked for the Guinea pig food recipe. BUT Crazy me started thinking of some!! roasted sweet potatoes with glazed carrots sprinkled with sunflower seeds?? 😛 We should go in to business Exotic Pet Caterers!!
    Mama I sure hope the nurse didn’t call!!

  3. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Thanks CasaDe. ❤ You can cook for a guinea pig, but they still need hay, so there’s no avoiding a trip to the pet store. I did google it, and a quick search made it appear as if guinea pigs have more (!) restrictions than dogs about what they can eat and how frequently. Clearly, it’s time to trade up. 😉

    Hi Shoesan! The girl made it through the rest of her day–yippee! But I wouldn’t say we’re back to quiet. She was able to get up and go off to school, and I haven’t heard from the nurse yet, so I’m not going to complain.

    I LOVE the pet caterers idea. Why not? If doggie day care was able to become as standard as it has, this could work…

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