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Unsurance January 24, 2009

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Yesterday’s reprieve was cut short. 😦  I went to pick up the girl’s meds, feeling positive because she’s been doing so well.  A not so nice surprise waiting for me at the pharmacy.  Unsurance wants another deductible, even though we just paid one a few months ago.  The icing on the cake?  They (unsurance) decided they will only ok part of her prescription.  This, by the way, is not a new prescription or dosage, this was a refill. Aargh!  I know I’ll spend all of Monday on the phone, trying hard to be pleasant and cooperative after being on hold for three hours. 


Took the little guy for his entrance exam.  My butt is numb from sitting on an auditorium chair for three and a half hours, but I feel energized.  The principal of the school is a charismatic speaker, who follows through on his verbal commitments to the children, and has dedicated his life to helping these kids find better opportunities. Admission to this school is a long and multi-step process, this was just the first step.  I don’t think we will know anything final until late April. It’s a humbling process, with several hundred children applying for about 35 spots. Humbling because all children deserve wonderful opportunities, and the support and education required to utilize those opportunities.


4 Responses to “Unsurance”

  1. shoesan Says:

    hee hee unsurance PERFECT;) but sad. WHY must we jump through hoops to get MEDS that we need to survive? Its probably easier, faster (and cheaper) to find some Heroin on 140th and 5th Ave 😀 j/k.
    I can donate some fat to you so you won’t suffer from gluteous maximus numbing anymore 😛 I am more than happy to donate fat. Just suck it out of me and inject it right into your butt WALLAH!
    I can’t believe we have to wait until APRIL and 35 spots WOW!!

    I was freezing all day today. Isn’t it summer yet? My reprieve cut short too :(. My levels are all off, so another med adjustment (thyroid). I will NEVER lose weight EVER. i am SICK of being sick. DONE. Can I please get off this ride?

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Hey shoesan, I’m sorry to hear your levels are off. It’s true, the meds ride is not fun at all, and I’ve always been more of a carousel than roller coaster type of gal, anyway. 😉

    It WAS freezing yesterday, at least the sun is shining today. Tee hee, we’ll have to figure out how to tailor this plan for glute shaping/swapping. 🙂 Look out, ummm, what’s the name of that actress/singer who’s known for her shape?

    I hope you’re having a restful Sunday, and feeling much better soon. ❤

  3. shoesan Says:

    Where did the weekend go??
    Lol mama, Jaylo!! Jennifer Lopez. she is Known for her BUTT!! Lets work on that! I can give you as much as you want! 😀
    You will be wearing the Applebottom jeans! We will just have to buy you boots with the fur to go with them! (that is a song!)

  4. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Tee hee, I like the way you knew I would have no idea that was a song. Mama is many things, hip isn’t one of them. 😉

    And yes, this weekend passed way too quickly. 🙂

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