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Writers Write January 21, 2009

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Sounds very wise, very zen, doesn’t it?  


It’s the answer I’ve heard and read in several places when the the question of what defines a “real” writer has arisen.  Is it the act of writing?  Writing creatively?Editing?  Completing a manuscript?  Submitting to an agent or editor?  Being offered a contract?  Published?  Multi-published?  


I have no idea.  I haven’t written creatively in a while.  Whatever the answer is, it’s surely true that writers write.  And I’m not writing. 


I’ve got a WIP (work in progress) in the laptop, waiting for me.  But I’m not writing.  Papa will read this and say, “just do it.  write.”  I always used to be able to do that.  Why not now?


5 Responses to “Writers Write”

  1. CasaDe Says:

    Right, Writer! Write!!

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    LOL, CasaDe. I’m searching for my muse 😉 Maybe it’s in the hamper.

  3. shoesan Says:

    LOL CasaDe, my first thought was of the Dr. Seuss book GO DOG GO!!! (It was my oldest sons fav so I can probably repeat it verbatim)
    It seems so simple in this complex world we live in ~ writers write SO WRITE MAMA 😛
    like Nike says JUST DO IT
    Speaking of the hamper, its like matching the socks. I know I have prs, LOTS, but I shove them in a bag, hang them on the door handle to my room and match them when I need them (well not all of them, I give up randomly) I need to JUST match socks. where do I BEGIN? 😉

  4. cmscribbles Says:

    “[…]it’s surely true that writers write. And I’m not writing.”

    “[…] Papa will read this and say, “just do it. write.” I always used to be able to do that. Why not now?”

    While I agree with papa that part of it is a “just do it” I recognize that a writer doesn’t want to just sit down out of routine and an act of discipline…or one might even feel guilty about sitting aside to “just” write. Additionally, I think you could probably come up with a list to answer your own “why not now?” question.

    Still…”why not now?” maybe that is your writing prompt. 😉
    this blog should be warming you up right?!

  5. mitchelllamamama Says:

    ROFLOL, Shoesan. My oldest’s favorite was One Fish, Two Fish… 🙂 Let me know when you get a handle on those socks. ; ) I know, I also think Just Do It, but it isn’t quite working. Sigh.

    Cmscribbles, you’re right, I know there are reasons to why not now. I also know that writing for me is a Catch 22. I feel better when I’m writing, but I have to feel good enough to write, kwim? I did start the blog with an eye towards getting me back into a rhythm of writing. If nothing else, it’ll keep my typing skills up. 😉

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