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Timing Is Everything January 15, 2009

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 Here in NY, most kids don’t ride school buses.  This means Mama runs back and forth for drop off and pick up of two kids at two different schools–in opposite directions, of course.  


I was late to pick up the middle guy today, for the 2nd time in 6 years.  The girl had stayed home from school, not feeling well with a splendid combo of neuro crud and stomach crud.  This, of course, played into it taking an extraordinarily long time for her to get ready to leave and pick up her brother.  Add in the extra layers necessary for a 12 block walk in frigid temps, and we were late.  


Despite what the little guy might think, I hate being late more than he hates my being late.  Even when you know the problem is on your end, there’s a complete sinking of the stomach, combined with racing pulse, that comes of walking into the schoolyard, seeing 4 kids left and yours isn’t one of them. 😦  He was of course fine, waiting in the office so he and the teacher wouldn’t have to stand in the bitter cold.  Actually, the teacher was already gone.  After all, it was a full 7 minutes after official pick up time.  


Blargh.  At least it’s leftover night.  And the girl already did her homework during the day.  And I’m in until last call for the dog at ten o’clock.  Small pleasures. I’m hoping a long, hot shower will stop the tingling in my fingertips.


4 Responses to “Timing Is Everything”

  1. shoesan Says:

    Mama, on Long Island there are no buses either. (until Jr high and high school) I am sorry you had such an unsettling day. I hope the girl is feeling better. I get the lateness thing. I have OCD when it comes to lateness, drives DH nuts. I can NOT be late EVER. I get physically sick. I have to be early. DH, on the other hand, is SO SLOW. I want to choke him. NOT a good balance LOL.
    TGIF tomorrow AND a 3 day weekend!!!
    I hope we see an end to frigid temps SOON. (or maybe we can abscond WEST???) 😉 How big is cmscribbles house? 😀

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Interesting, here in the city even the kids who get buses lose them when they reach middle school years. I used to need to be early, now I want to be exactly on time–which I think is worse!

    YES to the 3 day weekend, woo hoo!

    Even colder temps expected tomorrow, I’m liking your idea of heading West. I’m used to a cramped apartment, I don’t need too much space. 🙂

  3. cmscribbles Says:

    Your thread sure stirred up old memories of when I would be late picking up my son from elementary and he’d be one of the ones left standing–ugh. It feels awful. And, I can relate to the sinking of the stomach feeling when your little guy wasn’t visible to you :O

    Sorry that your girl was home with neuro crud and stomach crud. 😦 I wish this would become LESS frequent for her.

    I’ve realized what amazing strength you have reading your blog–I can’t imagine walking 12 blocks in frigid temps let alone having a sick one in tow 😦 those are the days I’m not sure I would be able to muster leaving the house/apt.

    shoesan and mama~ my house is not large or fancy–quite the opposite and right now it is looking cluttered. However, there is a master bedroom we added on during a remodel 2 years ago that we still aren’t sleeping in as we are still on the son’s end of the house due to those nocturnal seizures…it even has a treadmill in it!

  4. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Hi cm, 🙂

    Thanks for commiserating, I imagine I’ll remember each time I was late for pick up for many years to come.

    Honestly, pick up is hard this year, especially when the weather is bad. Middle guy’s school is 12 blocks from the apt, but 16 blocks from the girl’s school. It would probably be easier if the girl were feeling stronger more of the time. The bright spot is that I don’t have to drive. I used to, when I lived outside of Manhattan, and hated it. :0 We do what we have to and find our bright spots, all of us.

    I DO like the sound of that treadmill 🙂 But I wish you were able to enjoy the new bedroom. Hopefully, that time will come, and you’ll have to offer shoesan and I the couch when we come to vist. 🙂

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