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Thanksgiving Should Be…Now? January 14, 2009

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I understand why Thanksgiving was originally set for late Fall/early Winter.  Thinking about it, I think it should be changed to late January or early February.  Not many of us here in the US live lives determined by an agricultural calendar anymore. 


It is frigid out today, and expected to get colder as the week goes on.  Looking at the weather map, I see this is true for much of the country.  In fact I saw that it’s -56 somewhere in the Midwest today.  I can’t even imagine -56, I’m whining about 17*.  Much as I’m complaining, this is not so unusual for this time of year, we always get a few of these weeks sprinkled in btw December and the end of February.  


I thought today would be a perfect kind of day to make chicken soup for the kiddos and Papa.  After getting the kids to school, and walking and feeding the dog, I went back out to the stores to get the few ingredients I don’t have on hand for the soup. I have the carrots, the leeks, the pastina, the Parmesan, and the broth. Main ingredient–chicken.  Well, Mama’s gotten lazy over the past couple of years, and started buying already cooked rotisserie chickens for soup.  It turns out I was too early, and none of the stores had the rotisserie chickens finished yet.  I walked home, wondering how I could avoid an extra trip outside in this cold, and still snag a chicken before they’re sold out.  This leads me to my Thanksgiving thoughts. 


How spoiled am I?  Yes, it’s freezing, but I’ve got plenty of warm clothes on, good boots, and a warm apartment.  If I don’t get back to the store, there’s food in the refrigerator, no one in the house will be without.  Not even the dog.  I passed people on the street who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and a “good” spot to sleep is on the steps of the church.  


My life is far from perfect.  We struggle and juggle to pay bills, and I wish deeply that we were in a position to give our children more of a helping hand financially.  Not a free ride, but help.  My daughter lives with a chronic medical disorder that makes many days suck for her.  My sons live with the fall-out of that disorder.  Shouldn’t this all make me more cognizant of what I can and should be grateful for?  Not because I want to be a saint, but because I’m a human being.  


So, here’s what I propose.  A floating Thanksgiving.  Each year, look up the coldest predicted day for your area in the Farmer’s Almanac.  If you live in a hot climate, choose the hottest day, or the rainiest;  you get what I mean.  Plan for that day to be the day where you reflect on the basic necessities and creature comforts that you have. Sit with your loved ones around the table and think about what you DO have, as the heat clangs in the pipes, or the air conditioner hums.  You don’t have to do this out loud.  In fact, whoever is sitting with you would probably prefer that you didn’t.  But do it.  And eat your soup, even if it’s missing the chicken.


7 Responses to “Thanksgiving Should Be…Now?”

  1. Philly Mom Says:

    Love this! I think I will have a meaningful ‘Thanksgiving’ soon. Feeling much too sorry for myself lately…

    Well said!

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Thanks Philly Mom! I’m so happy you stopped by and shared your thoughts. 🙂 Cybering you some soup…

    Thanks for reading. ❤

  3. CasaDe (EFA pal!) Says:

    Thank you for this!

    Beef barley is tomorrow, hold the complaints!

  4. shoesan Says:

    A fantastic Idea , well minus the Turkey. Add it to my list of food rules (LONG LIST) I despise turkey (in any shape or form) I just can’t get passed the fact that it smells like, well, WET DOG. BLECH

    I love rotisserie chicken! I buy one on Sunday and I use it to make lunch for 3 salads (with cole slaw and almonds) I like a crunchy salad)
    I was SOOOO cold today. IS IT SUMMER yet?
    My day was shorter, only 11 hrs 😀
    I love Beef Barley, what time should I be there?

  5. cmscribbles Says:

    I’ve returned to read this post about 4 times today…it is really a beautiful reflection of thought and your writing talent. Thank you for expressing yourself here so we can all enjoy it.

    I have no room to whine about weather. -56 and 17* both sound like weather I’d turn to an icicle pop in :O It was in the high 80’s here today.

    My mind and body wanted to go venture to the local arboretum, soak in the sunshine, walk the beautiful grounds, sit by the ponds and feed the ducks, herons, catfish and turtles that frenzy to food thrown in the ponds…oh and did I mention the brilliant but boisterous peacocks?! However, my son (who btw has epilepsy, like mama’s daughter) had a seizure last night and was tired today and didn’t want to go anywhere 😦 Then, he had another tonight. It’s hard sometimes to train the mind to be thankful on some days and in some situations. Nevertheless, there is always a reason to give thanks.

    I am thankful. I like the idea of your floating Thanksgiving. So to answer your thread title “…now?” Sure! Why not. I think it takes daily practice to set our attitudes to gratitude.

    P.S. I am thankful for those rotisserie chickens when I want a shortcut for a meal 😉 well done please…I don’t like them slimy! blech.

  6. cmscribbles Says:

    what is with the time on these posts?
    Jan. 14 @ 11:33pm was when I made the post above not Jan. 15 @ 7:33am. Did I miss setting up my timezone somewhere? 😀

  7. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Wow! I wasn’t sure how a “musings” post would work out, thanks for all the positive and thoughtful feedback. 🙂

    CasaDe, beef barley sounds about perfect!

    Shoesan, LOL, I know lots of people who would rather skip the turkey. Mama herself is a vegetarian, so to be honest, it all smells like wet dog to me. :0 I love crunchy salads too. My latest favorite, baby spinach salad with goat cheese and cajun spiced pumpkin seeds. Mmmm.

    Cmscribbles, I’m so sorry to read about your son’s rough day. Hating these szs for both of you, and praying he gets a real break very soon.

    Ok, I’ll admit to being a bit envious of your weather (ok, more than a bit;)), but I’m happy that this post was a good one for you to see today, because we all know it isn’t really about the weather. I like your phrase, btw, attitude for gratitude. And NO to slimy chickens! tee hee

    I don’t know how to reset the time. WordPress is automatically set to show gmt, which is, I think, out of Europe. I’ve decided to ignore it, and be happy anyone is reading–at whatever time it is! 🙂

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