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Isn’t It Friday Yet? January 13, 2009

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Tuesday has got to be the longest day of the week.  If you were rested from the weekend, that feeling is long gone, and the weekend is an even longer way off.  


I just returned from the grocery store.  This is the one store in the neighborhood where the weekly sales really are discounted prices, so it’s always packed.  The space is small and overstocked with everything except what’s on sale.  Working your way through the aisles is kind of like working a Rubik’s Cube, move three aisles to the left to find an aisle clear enough to pass through to one on the right.  


Feeding a family of 5 in NY is more budgeting skills than culinary skills.  How far can I stretch one can of tomatoes and one box of pasta?  Pretty far. 😉 If only I could convince the little guy that it’s ok to eat leftovers, they really don’t become poisonous overnight.  This is where my cooking-for-the-dog is working out well.  Half an apple left from the girl’s lunch?  Throw it into the doggie stew, he thinks it’s a wonderful treat. 🙂


On the bright side, I haven’t recieved one phone call from the school nurse today.  Ahhh.  Is that the sound of silence, or the sound of the laundry room crooning my name?  


Wishing everyone a fast Tuesday,




4 Responses to “Isn’t It Friday Yet?”

  1. papa Says:

    Not that you should do laundry, I know what a drag it can be.
    However, if you do fall prey to the call of the industrial-strength washers. If you are helplessly lured to the laundry room by their dulcet drone, please take some of my whites with you. I’m running low.


  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Sorry, Papa. Just as I was about to respond to the washers (related, somehow, to the sirens of mythology), I was saved by a visit from your mother. Now how many women get to say that about their mothers-in-law? 🙂

  3. shoesan Says:

    OK I agree Today was the LOOOONGEST day. A 15 hr day for me. (
    Don’t smack me, I’m with the little guy, NO leftovers :D. I hate reheated stuff. I AM SO PICKY. Ok you don’t have to share that with him 😛 I think a man must have designed grocery stores because if a woman did it, it would be done more efficiently (displays in the middle of an aisle that is supposed to allow to carts to pass?). It irritates me. DON”T even get me started!!

    YEA NO PHONE CALLS from the nurse today!!! woo hooo!! that is wonderful!!

    I think you should think about writing a doggie cookbook. I am amused!!

    and I am glad I posted late because I am more amused by the comments that followed 😛 LMAO

    I just need to add that I am really enjoying reading every nite! KEEP WRITING!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  4. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Hope today is shorter for you, Shoesan. ❤

    LOL, you’d fit in well with my household of picky eaters and restricted diets. And YES! We need more women in charge of, well, everything 😉

    Love the idea of a doggy cookbook, though I’m guessing it’s been done–a lot.

    I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying reading and checking in. Your feedback is definitely encouragement to keep going! 🙂

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