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Poop Doesn’t Melt January 10, 2009

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Coming to the end of a lazy Saturday.  Well, not completely lazy.  I cooked for the dog, made rice pudding for later (mmm, cinnamon), and the little guy and his friend helped me do a water change in the tank.


The cleaner shrimp in the tank seems to have given up trying to entice the clownfish.  They have no interest in being groomed by him, so now he’s taken to cleaning one of the powerheads.  Just like nature intended. Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

My big guy joined the wrestling team of his high school this year, he just called me from his match.  It really is true, no matter how big they are, they’re your babies, and my heart is in my throat every time I know he’s stepping onto the mat. Still, it’s fun to hear his enthusiasm, and I feel very blessed to have him–especially when he checks in to let me know all of his parts are in working order.   

Today was a hot chocolate for the kids day.  It’s been snowing off and on since late morning, and it’s starting to accumulate.  There is a magical feeling to the city under fresh snow, no matter how old you are.  All that’s dingy and dirty looks bright and clean.  Walk down the street and you see families headed to the parks with sleds.  We don’t own a sled, and I always wonder where these families store them when it isn’t snowing.  I’m hard pressed to figure out where to keep winter coats–in season or not. 

The kids, of course, are wondering why the snow didn’t arrive in time for Christmas.  I told them it was snow or a Wii, and I figured they’d prefer the Wii. 😉 But I have to admit, it seems to me that it did snow more frequently when I was a kid, and more of it.  Yanno, when I was trudging to school, backwards and uphill both ways.  


The dog is happy that it’s snowing.  He’s a Swiss breed, and loves to play in it, as do most dogs.  Why is it, though, that the same NYers who diligently clean up after their dogs at any other time, don’t bother to when it’s snowing?  I want to put up signs next to the Clean Up After Your Dog signs, “Poop Doesn’t Melt.” Really, it doesn’t.  And yet, come Monday, I’ll be navigating between mounds of black slush and piles of poop.  


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4 Responses to “Poop Doesn’t Melt”

  1. shoesan Says:

    lol, we did tons of snow when we were younger (AND that wasn’t so long ago 😉 ) I am glad big guys parts are all in working order!! 😀 WTG! for his match!

    Are they enjoying the wii?? I actually LOVE the wii Fit!! 😀 it is ONE video game I am GOOD AT!! 😀 FINALLY!!

    I always loved the onset of snow in Manhattan, the city looked so fresh. I agree though, the aftermath is GROSS, the slush is soooo messy!!!! (and now with you adding the images of poop, UGH, its bad)

  2. mitchelllamamama Says:

    Hi Shoesan, so glad to know I’m not the only one to remember the winters as much snowier. 🙂

    The kids are loving the Wii and the Wii Fit, and so am I! I don’t think I’ve ever even been interested in a video game before. Love that hula hoop–whoo hoo! 😉 We got the system in an attempt to keep the Christmas gifts down to a minimum, and it worked. None of the kids felt like it was a “letdown” Christmas, even with considerably less presents under the tree. With the cost of a day out in this city, a week of use literally had the system be cost effective, kwim?

  3. cmscribbles Says:

    Well… I must admit that after reading about the poop that doesn’t melt I am VERY GLAD it doesn’t snow where I live! It’s bad enough when people don’t clean up after their dogs on the sidewalk or in the park on the grass (my dh is one of those people who won’t clean it up…I’ve threatened him and he still hasn’t changed!) but thinking about “navigating between mounds of black slush and piles of poop” BLECH!

    Sounds like appearances ie: “[…] magical feeling to the city under fresh snow, no matter how old you are. All that’s dingy and dirty looks bright and clean” can be very deceiving in the winter in NY. Happy poop puddle jumping!

    I’m glad the big guy is enjoying the wrestling team and at the same time being considerate enough to call you and check in. What a great young man you’ve raised!

    Hoping your lazy (though it didn’t sound too lazy–especially changing the tank water) Saturday rolled into a great Sunday.

    Thanks for writing!

  4. mitchelllamamama Says:

    LOL, cmscribbles, I wish I lived somewhere that it doesn’t snow–but not because of the poop! 😉 –though I hope your dh changes his mind, and starts cleaning up.

    I’m not sure if appearances are deceiving in NY, or if it just depends where you look. You can walk down one block and see the multimillion dollar brownstones complete with designer clad families, and be on the same block but see the projects, and the homeless man huddled in a hedge.

    NY is a many things, but never boring.

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