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Once Again the Tank saves a Rotten Day January 8, 2009

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Daughter went to school, but Mama had to go get her.  Still sick, and the school nurse called for me to come and get her when the congestion crud began triggering the neuro crud.  I called the neuro’s office, who told me to call the ped.  Ped said call the neuro.  Lovely.  


So I get home with my daughter who bore more than a passing resemblance to a dishrag at this point.  Fed her, and got back to feeding the dog, which is what I had been in the middle of when the nurse called.  Now it’s time to feed the fish.  Here comes the cool part.  

Candy Cane Coral


We got to see the candy cane coral eat.  When it’s happy, there’s a teeny tiny hole in the center of each head, that’s equivalent to a mouth.  I put a little piece of brine shrimp on top of one of the heads and it stuck there.  Then the teeny tiny hole began expanding, and the head started narrowing, pushing the piece of shrimp closer to the now yawning mouth.  In it went, a bit at a time.  WOW!  Once it was all in, the mouth closed again, and is now back to a barely noticable hole in the center of the head.  No doubt, this was better than anything that would have been on the agenda for 2nd grade science.


***For those who have commented, how did you get the smilies into your comments?

**Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “Once Again the Tank saves a Rotten Day”

  1. cmscribbles Says:

    Sorry that mama had to pick up daughter yet again. And, I hate that you go stuck in the dreaded push em’ off cycle between from the neuro –> ped –>neuro arrgh. that is so frustrating!

    Okay, I accidentally made my smiley. I didn’t know it would show up as one until after I posted. I just typed the colon immediately followed by the right closing parenthesis and when I posted it was transformed into this 🙂 Now, how did you get a photo in there? Very neat afternoon/evening science going on in your house. I waste no time in agreeing with your statement that the feeding in the tank was no doubt better than anything that would have been on the agenda for 2nd grade science at school! Unless, your daughter has a really cool teacher that is! 😉

    sending get well wishes to your daughter.

  2. shoesan Says:

    I wish I was there to take part in today’s science lesson! THAT is truly amazing. I am sure that nothing THAT exciting went on in school. The teachers are probably scrambling for next week’s ELA testing.
    :-b there are various combos for smilies 😀 I am not sure if they all work for all sites.
    I hope your daughter feels better tomorrow.

  3. clinn3 Says:

    So sorry about your daughter still being under the weather and all the crud that entails.

    Very, very cool pic though 😉

  4. mitchelllamamama Says:

    cmscribbles–Nope, she does have science lab, but not that cool at all. The pic is your basic copy and paste, tee hee.

    Thanks for the get well wishes. 🙂

    Shoesan, you’re right, all the schools are busy with test prep. 🙂

    Hi Clinn3! Thank you for visiting and joining in 🙂

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