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Back to School for the Kids January 5, 2009

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Well, this morning was back to school for the kids, back to craziness for Mama.  I hear a lot of parents on the “blacktop” who dread the school breaks.  Not me.  First of all, I can honestly say I like my children.  I like spending time with them, having time as a family without pressured schedules.  That’s the other part of what I like about these breaks, is not needing to run, run, run for drop off # 1, drop off # 2, 3 conversations with the nurse at my daughter’s school, and then, if all goes well and I don’t have to pick her up in the middle of the day (which happens regularly), run for pick up # 1  and pick up #2.  Add in walking the dog, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, homework, guitar lessons, theater classes, runs to the pharmacy, making dinner, and well, you get the idea. 


I have a new project going, cooking for the dog.  I had to cook for him recently because he was sick.  This weekend I realized I was sad-doggy-eyes-low on dog food, and decided I’m going to start cooking for him regularly.  It’s cheaper than the ever shrinking bag of dog food, and not a big deal.  I don’t think.  I looked up cooking for the dog, found there’s a lot of leeway on what to give him and keep him healthy.  


We’re trying to stick to the budget and pay off some bills.  Cancelled the subscription to the Sirius radio, and now I’m trying doggie stew. It’s hard to live in this city and have a low budget.  Trying, trying, trying.


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