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New Year, New Blog January 2, 2009

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A new, blank blog is worse than that first empty page of a new manuscript. Blech. Eventually I’ll figure out how to set all of this up. Either that or someone will take pity on me and help me through it.

Just what the cyberworld needed, another blog from another luddite who can’t navigate a cyber dashboard. But. Not everyone in NY is living large and worrying about falling stock and real estate prices.  I thought I’d focus this blog on what it’s like to be an average woman in a city filled with larger than life personas. 

I live with my husband, three kids, dog, and assorted critters (reef tank) in Manhattan. We recently moved into this apartment from another one one block away.  No matter how old a new apartment is, no matter how poor the condition, there is always the hint of a fresh start.  Resolutions to keep paperwork in order (sorta), stay on top of the laundry (already blown), and to remember to water the plants before the leaves are brown and curling (only one dead so far).


2 Responses to “New Year, New Blog”

  1. CasaDe (EFA pal!) Says:

    Great start!

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